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Second population of fire salamanders hit hard

<i>Salamandra salamandra © Sébastien Pirotte</i><p>Early April this year, a second population of fire salamanders in Belgium was found to be affected by the …


Shedding Light On The Mucosome

<i>The common midwife toad, Alytes obstetricians, was used in Woodhams et al.’s study. © Christian Fischer</i><p>It’s difficult to imagine how microscopic …


Saving Goat Islands, Jamaica

<i>Guardian of the Reptiles</i><p>“You’ve got to respect another life, so that the other life can respect yours,” says Booms, whose real name is Mr. Kenroy …

West Indies

FrogLog 110

<i>Dear FrogLoggers,</i><p>With the Year of the Salamander well underway, I have come to realize that the ways people work to protect amphibians are just as …


Atelopus: Live in the Field to Live in a Plastic Box!

Harlequin frogs, <i>Atelopus</i> are a group of amphibians very close to my heart. This genus occurs in Central and South America in a variety of habitats. …