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Drug shows promise against vision-robbing disease in seniors

WASHINGTON (AP) — An experimental drug is showing promise against an untreatable eye disease that blinds older adults — and intriguingly, it seems to work in patients who carry a particular gene flaw that fuels the damage to their vision.<p>Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is the leading …

Milk And Garlic Is A Cure For Asthma, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Insomnia, Heart Issues, Cough, Arthritis And More!

This food combination sounds really strange we know but, it is worth a try.<p>Many fruits, veggies or spices are used as cures when combined right and …

8 poses that could make you feel more powerful, according to a Harvard psychologist

Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy says that body language can dramatically affect your professional, social, and romantic relationships.<p>There are a handful of poses that may boost your confidence and make you feel more powerful, according to her 2010 research.<p>Although some scientists are skeptical (In …



Bonde em Milão: as linhas que conectam os principais pontos turísticos

O melhor jeito de conhecer Milão é a pé, de bicicleta ou com os transportes públicos.Os principais pontos turísticos da cidade ficam no centro, numa …





How to turn anything into a PDF on your iPhone or iPad

Stop! Don’t download that PDF converter app for iOS. You don’t need it. What if I told you iPhones have come with a built-in PDF-conversion tool since iOS 10?<p>Once you know where this iOS PDF converter is buried, you can quickly and easily turn anything into a handy PDF on your iPhone or iPad.<p>On the …

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