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Putting my vintage finds in one place, with the tales of how they were found has definitely been coming for a while. If your heart lifts when you see an antiques shop or a badly painted ‘bric-a-brac sale’ sign has you turn the car around, you will hopefully enjoy what’s to follow. My interest for all things old and pre-loved came primarily from my family and my upbringing. My dad has been an antiques dealer since I was tiny. He would cross the channel at least twice a month when I was little in search of French furniture. I have vivid memories of him returning with his lorry loaded to the roof with armoires, café chairs, ornate mirrors… you name it. So from there, my interest and appreciation for painted furniture was sparked. I am very much a home bird and my living space is really important to me so I’ll be sharing how I integrate new items in my space too. My style is a mixture of rustic country and nautical with a dose of retro thrown in for good measure. Fundamentally I’m a sucker for good d