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Tips for Smoothing an R&B Track Using only Filters | Mike Wells


How to Record Vocals: 8 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Vocals are integral to modern music. If your song has vocals in it, they’re probably the focal point of the entire track.<p>As a musician, you might …

Music Production

20 Productivity Tips That Will Help You Finish Tracks Faster

Nothing beats it. That feeling of satisfaction when you finally get to the mastering step.<p>But there are always creative blocks and hiccups along the …

Mixing Rap Vocals Tutorial - Mixing For The Fastest Rapper - Mix Like Pro

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5 Ways to Finish the Track You Started!

1. Step Away<p>If you’ve been listening to the same looped sequence for over an hour, you’re due up for a break. By giving yourself a break, you can …

3 Foolproof Strategies for Overcoming Creative Block

An article on overcoming creative block from Sam Matla.


How to Build an Incredibly Effective Home Studio for Under $800

With consumer-grade recording gear becoming more and more affordable, almost every musician out there either has, or knows someone who has, a home …

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The Best Ear Training Apps for Producers, Engineers & Recording Musicians

For most engineers, the ultimate goal is to be able to “feel” their way through a mix, and to do their work in a completely natural and intuitive …


72 Music Production Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

Dear Past Zac,<p>The year is 2015. I … well you, are older.<p>In time, you’ll release two original EP’s on iTunes. You’ll get a remix and an original …

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5 Composing Tips When The Original Idea is Killing the Final Track

1. Clinging to Sounds, When there are Others...<p>As a producer and an artist, I’ve run into this one a lot! Once you hear a melody played with a …

Musician Producer Techniques: How To Boost Creativity and Focus

Chances are that if you’re reading AskAudio, you have access to music production technology on your computer that would have cost hundreds of …

7 Practical Mistakes To Avoid When Recording In Your Home Studio

1. Phones, doors and windows<p>This is the big one: creating as much isolation as possible in a space that’s almost certainly not been built to keep …