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Watch: This Is What It Looks Like To Get Tasered

(Literally) the most shocking Internet video ever made, with GIFs!<p><b>Ever see the bad guys taken down</b> on <i>Cops</i> and wondered just what it would feel like to get zapped by a Taser? Photographer Patrick Hall did, and he decided to make an art project out of it. Getting together a group of (willing) models, …

GIF Animations

Cambodia’s Miracle-Performing Baby Draws Thousands of Sick Pilgrims

Kong Keng, a 2-year-old kid from Khnor village in Cambodia, is being hailed as a miracle baby with special healing powers. Thousands of people are …

Health Care

Guy Fakes His Own Death to Escape Getting Married

Men can be real jerks sometimes, but this guy has got to be the worst of the lot – he actually faked his own death to get out of his wedding. …

Professional Poo Diver Loves His Stinky Job

Brendan Walsh is a professional sewage diver who, believe it or not, actually loves his job. He’s covered in poop for a large part of the day, every …

Skilled Makeup Artist Transforms Her Mouth and Chin into Popular Cartoon Characters

While most makeup artists tend to follow the conventional rules of of the trade, 25-year-old Laura Jenkinson prefers to do her own thing. For the …

Chinese Woman Addicted to Dog Hair Has Eaten 1,000 Hairballs in the Last Two Years

I’ve seen plenty of dog lovers displaying their affection in rather questionable ways, but this is a first – a woman in China loves her so much that …


Woman Uses Fake Babies To Sneak Into Maternity Ward: Cops

A woman in Merced, California, has been arrested on trespassing charges after she and an unnamed man allegedly twice triedsneaking into a hospital maternity ward using dolls as decoys.<p>The woman, identified by as Tonya Whitney Boehs, first tried getting into Merced's Mercy Medical Center's …

Richard Gibson Has Kept All His Nail Clippings In A Jar -- Since 1978!

Richard Gibson keeps his most cherished item on a shelf in his Lafayette, Louisianaa, home.<p>It's not a picture of his loved ones, nor a prized trophy, it's a jar containing every single toenail and fingernail he's clipped off himself since February, 1978.<p>"I remember it well. I still have the …

Man In Penguin Suit Stole Beer: Police

Beware the penguins.<p>Cops in the UK are looking to put a petty thief on ice after he allegedly walked out of a Durham convenience store Monday evening with 10 cans of beer. He was dressed in a penguin onesie at the time of the alleged crime.<p>His photo was captured on security video and shared with …

Couple Fascinated with Fatbergs Celebrate Their First Anniversary in the Sewer

It’s hard to find a partner with similar interests, especially if you’re into weird things. That’s why I’d say Dan MacIntyre and Dunya Kalantery are …


Artist Uses Melting Ice-Cream to Create Deliciously Colorful Paintings

While most people prefer their ice-cream frozen, Baghdad-based artist Othman Toma likes it melted. He uses multi-colored melting treats as a medium …

Ice Cream

Sensory overload

It’s Muppets vs. Capcom in Sesame Street Fighter

Today’s example that cooperation makes it happen: Coming together from across the Internet, designer Juan David Gómez, composer Jairo Pineda, and …

Ocarina of Time's Hyrule recreated in Minecraft

One clever Minecrafter has recreated the entirety of Hyrule as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.<p><b>One clever Minecrafter has recreated the</b> …

What are you doing here?: 8 non sequitur secret characters in games

<b>1. Bill Clinton, NBA Jam (1993)</b><p>While most of the secret characters in the original <i>NBA Jam</i> come out of left field—the only playable athlete among them …

Hot Wheels

Does Your Insurance Cover Street Fighter Characters?

I'll tell you what. When I park my car, the thing I fear most isn't theft, careless drives, or hazardous weather. It's Ryu.<p>Courtesy of <i>Kotaku</i> reader …


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