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Saw this while walking through a small town in VA - it's nice to know that someone is looking out for all the pups in this summer heat.

Corkscrew Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio, USA

Perfect night shot, Maldives

Photo of the Day: Best of June 2013

Photographer Creates Memorials Around Found Roadkill

<i>At Rest</i> is a series by photographer Emma Kisiel that features roadkill found on American highways that are finally given a floral and natural memorial by the artist herself without ever moving or repositioning the animals. Depending on how one views the images, they can seem utterly disturbing or …

Picture of the Day: Planet Mercury

PLANET MERCURY<p>This colorful view of Mercury was produced by using images from the color base map imaging campaign during MESSENGER’s primary mission. …

Bluebell Cathedral, Ashridge | England (by Old-Man-George)

<b>Bluebell Cathedral, Ashridge | England</b> (by Old-Man-George)

San Francisco’s Secret Mosaic Staircase

The Jungle House is a most luxurious version of the #treehouse. It has brilliant white, organically shaped #architecture and an extremely comfortable interior. design by Andreas Wenning for Baumraum (o

Hilarious and Heartwarming Photos of Animals as Friends

For some, they're our brothers or our sisters and for others it's the pack we've grown up with since childhood. Good friends are hard to come, but when you have them you never want to let them go. For today's compilation, we looked to Flickr and 500px to show us what friends look like in the animal …

Casa Castiglioni – Formentera (o

Dog is Rescued While Rescuing a Kitten

An animal control officer in Anderson, South Carolina, responded to a call about a barking dog. When Michelle Smith went to investigate, she found a …

Six Senses Samui resort (o

colors and lights


Giant Clothespin Sculpture Sculpture designed by Turkish artist and professor Mehmet Ali Uysal.Built for the Festival of the Five Seasons in Chaudfontaine Park, which lies on the outskirts of Liege, Belgium, a giant clothespin sculpture appears to be holding on to a mound of dirt and grass. (o

Hoglet Surrenders!

Hoglets, or baby hedgehogs, are so cute that we, too, surrender! Pic via Amazing Things in the World

Photographer Captures Personality of Birds Through Portraits

Leila Jeffreys is a photographer and a bird-lover. The Sydney-based photographer has always had an affinity for wildlife, which started at a young age when she used to rescue animals and nurse them back to health. She says, “As I've grown, I've watched the human population explode worldwide so I …

The 4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Meteorite

Photograph via kikootwo on Reddit<p>Back in the year 2000, a 1,003 kilogram (2,211 lbs) meteorite was discovered near Fukang, a city located in the …

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Nautilus House, Naucalpan, Mexico. Arch. Javier Senosiain (o)

Amazing pools (especially in Winter).

Dear Brave Souls: Blessed Easter to you one and all. Here now, the oddity of the word 'easter,' and the ancient Mexican/ Guatemalan/Maya Goddess and her Consort the Rabbit. Firstly, about the word 'Easter.' Just as an old street poet in love with sounds and colors emanating from words thought or spoken or written, the word for easter ēastre, being of Germanic origin and related to the German word ostern, meaning 'east...' yet and still sounds oddly similar to my ear, as the word oestre, and oestrus, which means 'egg' and also 'the receptivity and fertility cycles of.... the female. Fertility: eggs that create the new beings. Fertility, the receptivity to this ages' old pageantry that is enjoined by all human beings, all of nature's creatures, and the very earth itself...that is: Eggs. Seed. New Life born from the darkness of the blood red body. No matter what has died, new life comes. Some say the word Easter... is derived from Ēastre/ Ostara, the name of a old Germanic goddess associated with spring ... also called Aurora by the Greeks, meaning the dawn of... anything coming anew again after darkness... as well as prefigured in the story of the Mycenae Demeter whose daughter Persephone 'dies' by also be seized against her will and forced underground to dark and torment, but then finally after great anguish, ascending again... and bringing with her, a New Spring across the land, after the deadest of dead of winter and dark. Familiar. yes. The story theme is very familiar for this time of year, including that Easter each year is set according to the moon time that signals a new season on Earth. The image is here one rarely seen, for it was considered quixotic or incomprehensible by those who 'discovered' this icon, giving rise to our realization that a subject not broahced in each genration and instead hidden borken destoryed or silenced means that those who come after no longer recognize symbols and iconography and archetypal meaning any longer. The image of profound Ix Chel and Spirit Rabbit, is preColumbian, as it is said, meaning though-- before actually not Columbus, but before the Conquests of the Americas, notably what is now called Mexico, Guatemala, Central and South American nations and peoples, where once literally thousands of tribal groups lived. The image is of the Goddess Ix Chel, known as the Maya[n] Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth... all having to do with cycles, tides, creating and bringing new life. [In Mayan language, X is most often pronounced as sh sound with a slight click to it that carries the very soft c sound found in the phonics of the letter x in that language.] Her Rabbit consort/ child/sister/brother/mother/father/friend is the personification of new lift and cleaving to bringing the young along, the gentle spirit, the shy, and yet the enduringly fertile/creative. Ix Chel herself is a personification we are also familiar with in Greek mythos, that of Hecate the wise and wily crone, Demeter the Mother fertile being, and Persephone, the maiden kore, who will not marry in the conventional sense, but rather be 'married' in other ways to persons and places and ideas that carry meaning for her great gifts of love, endurance and mercy. Ix Chel too has three aspects, an young self replete with ideas and ideals, a mid-self that is the fertile mother, and as old Ix Chel, she is shown often waring a shirt of rainbow and skirt of bones, and her fingertips have jaguar claws instead of human fingernails. She is called the pale one...and is co-existant and interchangable with the moon and the moon's cycles... she is a miracle maker, a healer, a teacher, a keeper of stories... and as she is also the moon also going dark for three days... Ix Chel suffering torment but comes ever back to full radiant reflective light again. There are so many Ix Chels in the world, and so many Auroras and som any Jesu's and so many Attis' and so many of the great One who was taken down and then came back to life in triumph. Whichever and whatever your place, name, sign, ceremony is at this ancient and yet modern turning of the year, may it strengthen you, bless you, and help you to bless others as you are called. I'm not taken with how prior spiritual and religious practices, stories and rituals and temples might have had parts destroyed by and other parts scarfed up by newer religious ideas and painted with the coloring of the ancient without crediting the older cultures. What I am impressed with is how cohesive peoples across the world from the Island cultures to the inland cultures, from the Celts to the Ainu, from the Aleuts to the Inka, from the Teutonic tribes to the Tarahumara and literally MILLIONS of tribal and societal cultures have kept alive, in whatever set of stylized and so real stories and ideals they cleave to... the idea that what has gone dark, come back to Light again, Loves again, Teaches, Tells and Heals again. And ever, no matter where it has been, walks with us, always. THat, to my sights is the miracle... that the stories of this over thousands of years, were given many colors, and if subverted and forbidden, nonetheless have flowed underground where at center --where the water runs pure and clear-- the memory of this miracle of life/death/life have never ever veered from holding Immaculate and Miraculous Heart of Love at true North. Including Ix Chel and her beautiful companion, Rabbit who as you see unusually portrayed in the iconography, loves Ix Chel and they are tender with one another, each holding the other, literally arms around one another. Iris de la luna, Ix Chel is sometimes called, rainbow around the moon... the Rabbit, being the one reflected it is said, by the dark markings on the moon, in that sense, Mother Moon carries the fertility and creativity of New Life, for she carries beautiful soulful gentle Rabbit out of harm's way. Just right. In this sense, understand, the everflowing shelter WE make for this story of Love that is torn and tormented, but Returns again and again, is stronger than any stones put together, or taken apart. The meaning beneath this story prevails, not 'out there' in stories, but in *us,* in our stories of going dark but then coming back by throwing sparks and even blazing sometimes too. Despite all our fall-downs, take downs and late-ups, despite that we must so often re-dedicate ourselves to striving anew, we are this miracle story's evidence that Limitless Love never dies. Don't forget: We are the living proofs. Peace be with you. This comes with love, Blessed Easter to all in the ways which carry the most meaning for each soul, Dr.e .

How to Make a Free Little Library for the Neighborhood

Little Free Library is a creative idea, thought up by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, that aims to promote literacy and bring communities together by putting up mini libraries in neighborhoods around the world. Started in 2009, it's a nonprofit that seeks to place these small, accessible book exchange …