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This is the cover for the audio file. Enjoy.

Section-New learning Topic-Scientific Process The notes for scientific process were something that really helped me improve. I new barley anything about how scientists think. During the notes a whole new way of thinking was shown to me. I never knew what the actual meaning of hypothesis was and even more. It was crazy to see how detailed scientists think. There is a reason they have such hard jobs.

Section-Engagement Topic-Chemistry of Living things The chapter map about chemistry was something pretty unique. The reason we made them was to also be able to know where everything is located so we would never have to take to long to know where to get in the book. Personally I think they look really nice because of all the color that is added. It engaged me more in the book.

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So as the school year started, I was in a prep biology class. I switched to this honors biology class and in the first couple of weeks I would mess …

Section-Achievement Topic-Photosynthesis To be honest I have never been more happy in biology than winning the game of kahoot about photosynthesis. Yeah I got pretty excited from getting an A on a test, but what made that special was everyone was looking at me and wondering; How does he do it? Left and right I was getting correct answers and I got first place in the entire class. That was something great for me because I just knew everything and it felt good.

Section-Engagement Topic-Enzymes For enzymes, we had to finish an online webquest. I personally like doing things online because it helps me get better at using the computer and I can get assistance any time I need it. And obviously, I learned a lot of great things I didn't know before about biology. It also has directions that are really straight forward so I know what to always complete.

Section-Achievement Topic-Macromolecules I personally am a visual learner. I would read through the book to learn things, but then I was introduced to crash courses. I watched the one for macromolecules and I instantly had a better understanding. They were well detailed and I could easily learn about macromolecules. This video really helped me on the test also. I was relieved that I could learn the way I wanted.

Section-Engagement Topic-Summer Reading I always wondered how humans evolved to become humans. How some animals became animals. As I read this book I learned a lot about the theory of evolution. Also the man behind all of it, Charles Darwin, goes through the events in his life that are very sad. He had a very difficult life and learning about it was very interesting. I liked this book because of that and recommend it. I also engaged in it more than other books.

Section-Improvement Topic-Photosynthesis During the semester, the book was a hard thing for me to understand. Especially when it came to photosynthesis. The biochemistry was very difficult. The notes were simple and really helped in the improvement of my grades. The biochemistry was step by step and I was able to direct myself in the right way. Without them I would really have been confused and lost with everything that I was doing. That is why they helped me improve in biology throughout the semester.

Section-Achievement Topic-Study Skills and learning new information As I started the first couple of weeks in biology, it was fun. I enjoyed the class so much because I would sometimes mess around and what not. It came to a point in which my grades were being affected. I had a very low B- and with a lot of hard work I brought it back up to a B . With a bit more work I can get an A and I am proud of how I came back after failing.

Section- Achievement Topic-Cell structure and function Throughout the semester, I would have trouble understanding a few things. When the time came to learn about the cell I knew it as something different to learn about. I put the most hours of studying and work on this exact chapter and that has given me true sense of accomplishment. And that is something I am proud of doing.

I would add this to new learning particularly because it was quite interesting to become knowledgeable about the parts of a microscope. It was unique and fascinating as I would see more and more from swiveling, tilting and turning the microscope.

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