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Want to Be a Lot Happier? Science Says Do Any 1 of These 9 Things

Or do them all. They work. Science says so.<p>Everyone wants to be happy, but many people aren't (especially people who live in Burundi.)<p>So how can you be happier?<p>If you want to be happier, there's good news and bad. Unfortunately, approximately 50% of your happiness, your "happiness set-point," is …


You Can't Always Trust Your Own Thoughts, And This Terrifying Chart Shows Why

The human brain has been sculpted over the course of millions of years of evolution, so you’d think it’s been debugged pretty well.<p>But it’s still left with so many mental glitches.<p>Just take a look at this terrifying atlas of all the mental traps that plague our everyday thinking. (Click here for an …


7 Habits of a Happy Brain

You can rewire your brain to enjoy more serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin<p>Make this part of each day and you'll like the results:<p><b>Remember that</b> …


How Consciousness Solves The Puzzle Of Life

With so much knowledge floating around, you can easily lose the forest for the trees. Without a fundamental understanding of the big picture, the pieces can make very little sense and even seem absurd. This is true particularly in the case of spirituality. For example, the idea that God is …

8 weight-loss routines to get your body fat under 10%

Now that you've made some headway in the gym, you want to start honing in on the details, like dropping your body fat percentage. How hard could it …

Body Fat

Will Genetic Advances Make Sex Obsolete?

Stanford law professor and bioethicist Hank Greely predicts that in the future most people in developed countries won't have sex to make babies. Instead they'll choose to control their child's genetics by making embryos in a lab.<p>On KQED's Forum program, Michael Krasny spoke with Greely about his …


Why Did the Genetic Code of All Life on Earth Suddenly Stop Evolving?

Around 3,000 million years ago, something stopped the genetic code from growing.<p>All life on Earth exists thanks to a universal genetic code. This biological rulebook tells our cells how DNA should be translated into life-supporting proteins, without which we couldn't survive.<p>Even though the genetic …


15 Lucid Dreaming Facts That Will Make You Question Reality

Are you sure you aren't dreaming right now?


Small-brained ravens are just as clever as chimps

Ravens have the same level of self-control as chimpanzees despite having tiny brains, a new study has found. This provides strong evidence that …


Here's What It's Actually Like To Live With Bipolar Disorder

"I'm not crazy. Something in my head just works different than yours."<p><b>"It became clear that this wasn't the case.</b> I started a new medication regimen a few months ago and my mood has been stable since then. There are still difficulties, but I try to take them in stride."

You Lose Consciousness Every Minute of Every Day Suggests New Study

The world surrounding you right now appears to be fully realized, perceived by you in a continuous stream of information. But a new study suggests …


DNA from Inca boy sacrificed 500 years ago shows how humans spread to South America

It sounds like something straight out of a “Hunger Games” novel: The rulers of a sprawling empire select beautiful children from throughout their vast territories and kill them in a ritualistic event to reinforce their power.<p>During the Inca civilization, which thrived in South America before the …

Europe's fourth ancestral 'tribe' uncovered

<b>Geneticists have detected a fourth ancestral "tribe" which contributed to the modern European gene pool.</b><p>Research shows Europeans are a mixture of three major ancestral populations - indigenous hunters, Middle Eastern farmers and a population that arrived from the east in the Bronze Age.<p>DNA from …