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A tiny British startup got 26 million views for its first VR experience — now it has made a full game for the HTC Vive

Virtual reality is still a niche hobby, but a small British startup is one of the first-movers in building games for the emerging medium.<p>Curiscope is a 10-person, Brighton-based startup which raised $1 million (£748,000) in seed funding from LocalGlobe in October. It has just released its second VR …

Virtual Reality

'We Don't Planet' Episode 13: Spiral Galaxies

Our Milky Way is one of many spiral galaxies in the universe. These collections of stars are characterized by their namesake arms that appear to wind …

Why Europe Rose And Others Did Not

<i>This essay originally appeared as "The Theory of Economic Development and the European Miracle" in The Collapse of Development Planning, edited by</i> …


3D model reconstructs changing cities

Keeping an Eye on Eruptions Around the World

Can Conservation Efforts Save the Birds?

Take A Tour Through Facebook's Gorgeous Data Centers

Starting in 2009, three Facebook employees dedicated themselves to custom-designing servers, server racks, power supplies, UPS units, and battery backup systems for the company's first data center in Prineville, Oregon.<p>By 2011, Facebook's data center in Prineville used 38% less energy to do the …

Social Media

11 TED Talks That Will Help You Lead A Happier Life

Increasingly, psychologists, neuroscientists, business leaders, and spiritual advisors have studied the mechanics of happiness and how we can utilize them in our everyday lives. Many of them have shared their findings at TED conferences.<p>We've gone through TED's expansive online library of …


The 27 Maps That Explain America

With that in mind, we've put together a new edition of the 27 maps that explain America.<p>You'll find pretty much everything in here: eating and drinking habits, pet ownership, ethnicity, language, and more.<p>Check it out.


Newfound Alien Planet 'Gliese 832c' May Be Able To Support Life

A newfound alien world might be able to support life — and it's just a stone's throw from Earth in the cosmic scheme of things.<p>An international team of astronomers has discovered an exoplanet in the star Gliese 832's "habitable zone" — the just-right range of distances that could allow liquid water …

Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

A New Call To Build A Massive Alien-Seeking Space Telescope

With the Hubble Space Telescope aging and Kepler crippled, leading astronomers are mounting a new push for the construction of a telescope so huge that it may need to be constructed by astronauts in space rather than being launched aboard a single rocket.<p>The Advanced Technologies Large Aperture …

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How Do Animals Re-Grow Limbs (And Why Can't We?)

NASA Announces Latest Progress, Upcoming Milestones in Hunt for Asteroids

Mountain blast lays ground for massive telescope

Exploring Europa - Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System

Orion Spacecraft Is Taking Shape on This Week @NASA

International Space Station Crew Discusses Life In Space With Virginia Students

What Causes Auroras?

Quasars: Brightest Objects in the Universe

Shining so brightly that they eclipse the ancient galaxies that contain them, quasars are distant objects powered by black holes a billion times as …


The James Webb Space Telescope described by Peter Cullen

13 Surprising Facts About Brazil

How much do you know about Brazil? Here are 13 wild facts about the country.<p><i>Produced by Sam Rega.</i><p><b>Follow BI Video:</b><i>On Twitter</i>


This New Ceiling Fan Design Solves A Problem That All Ceiling Fans Have Had Since 1882

Big Ass Solutions, which started out in 1999 just making industrial ceiling fans, just announced that it will be selling a commercial and residential smart fan that learns from its environment to create optimal temperatures in a room.<p>"It was obvious to us that residential fans had not changed in …

Home Automation

Work At BI! — Front-End Developer Opening

<b><br>This position has been filled. See all available jobs at Business Insider here >></b><p>Are you a front-end developer with a passion for Javascript? Business Insider's engineering and graphics teams are looking for a highly skilled, creative front-end developer to help us create new story experiences that …

Jeff Bezos

Astronaut Says The Thrill Of Space Wears Off In Less Than A Week

NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman blasted off to the International Space Station on May 29. But only a week later, he's already tweeting back to his more than 56,000 followers that being in space doesn't feel any more exciting than being back on earth.<p>Psychologists and economists refer to this …

Space Exploration

This Math Question From A Hong Kong Elementary School Test Has Adults Stumped

This math question from an admissions test for an elementary school in Hong Kong is going viral in China.<p>According to ChinaSmack, it was the second-most-popular post on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo on June 5, when it was published.<p>The question was part of an admissions test for …

Hong Kong

Forget training wheels: This bike balances itself

Training wheels are great for getting kids rolling, but they don't really develop the balance required for real riding. Jyrobike takes a different approach to the learning process, providing a more authentic cycling experience while still offering the stability new starters need. That's because …

Best Business Airports

Here Are The Most Expensive Places In America

New York and San Francisco are more expensive than the rest of the U.S., and the Bureau of Economic Analysis has made it much easier to see just how much more expensive they are.<p>The Consumer Price Index, the most commonly used measure of price inflation, measures changes in prices over time. The …