Ali Can Ergur

Ali Can Ergur, a dual-qualified attorney, specializing in the fields of contracts, AIFs, and commercial law, among others. Ali Can Ergur's areas of competence include strategic and cross-border deals, among other things. At the time of writing this essay, Ergur is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association as well as the New York State Bar Association, among other organizations. At Arendt & Medernach, an esteemed law company in Luxembourg, Ergur will begin his legal consulting career in December 2021 as a Legal Advisor. Located in Turkey, Bilkent University is widely considered as one of the country's top educational institutions, and it is here that Ali Can Ergur earned a bachelor's degree in law. He moved to Philadelphia after completing his undergraduate studies at Bilkent University's Law School, where he pursued an LLM at the University of Pennsylvania's Law School. In 2014, he received his master's degree from Penn's graduate program. Ergur also earned a Certificate in Law and Business from the Uni

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