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This is a copy of my thank you not that I sent Pastor Tucker.

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What I also found helpful was our readings this was our first reading but my favorite was on nonprofit marketing.

Another activity that we did that I found was important was drawing your customer. It always helps to know exactly who you're targeting and what they are needing. It makes the process of providing your service much easier.

Having this version of a balance sheet also helped me a great deal to understand what goes where when doing financials for nonprofit organization.

A donors bill of rights I feel is also an important part of the nonprofit sector and everyone should have a copy of it or at least know of it when going into this field.

I also enjoyed when I guess speaker Mary Dell Hayes from the sexual trauma services of the Midlands came to speak with us about fundraising. This set of notes is what I really took away from her presentation. Keeping up with trends & The common mistakes in fundraising everyone should know these!

I also found the numbers and statistics provided by the South Carolina Association of nonprofit organization's, to be very helpful because I can't see where my services may be needed and I can also see the importance of my organization.

These are the rest of my interview questions.

My informative, face-to-face interview with the pastor of a church gave me better insight on what goes on within a nonprofit organization. This interview also came from a more religious you rather then your general one.

My informative, face to face interview give me a better's insight on a nonprofit organization. And this insight also came from a more religious view rather then a general one.

It gave me a better understanding about how my nonprofit structure should look when appointing employees or volunteers. It also helps me understand what each person is supposed to do.

Having an actual budget and seeing the REAL numbers for an organization helped me really understand the importance of accounting for EVERYTHING and everyone.

This assignment helped me better organize what our organization (MCS) is capable of doing with only the activities we planned to host. It was hassle free!