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Alan Joseph Balmer

Alan ran a CPA firm for thirty one years. He was the owner of Balmer Nelson Van Mersbergen, with a client base of over four hundred clients. Prior to operating his own firm, Alan worked for the international accounting firm of Laventhol Horwath in their Washington DC office. At the end of 2014, Alan sold his practice and retired from public accounting at the age of 56. He currently lives with his wife Joy in Maui, Hawaii. Alan has always had a strong spiritual drawing. When Alan heard about and was introduced to Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect, it was a turning point in his life. After being exposed to a vast number of spiritual teachers and programs, it was obvious the level of the spiritual blessings from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi stood apart and was on a different level from everything else. “After a blessing from Guruji, I came to understand there wasn’t much going on in any other corners of the world.”