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5 Things You Should Know About Tire Pressure

Fine-tune your air volume for a free way to boost your bike ride<p>Given how much cyclists think about things like upgrades, it’s amazing how easily we miss one simple and free way to improve how our bikes ride: getting the right tire pressure. Tire pressure is surprisingly complex, in that it’s …


A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Bike

Our slightly obsessive but totally doable key to making your bike shine

Road Bikes

20 Foods To Help You Shed Stubborn Pounds

Ready to knock off that final five, or start losing that first ten? Follow this simple program.<p>Many cyclists would like to lose a pound or two. Maybe five. Maybe more. Why? That's easy: to feel better, look better, improve health, and ride farther and faster.<p>However, losing weight can be …


5 Skills Every Beginning Cyclist Should Master

Simple advice to conquer the learning curve and make every ride easier<p>Susan McLucas has run the Bicycle Riding School in Somerville, Massachusetts, for roughly 30 years. In that time, she has taught thousands of people—from kids to adults who have never thrown a leg over a top tube—how to ride …


Get Faster by Breaking These 6 Bad Habits

Feeling sluggish in the saddle? One of these common missteps might be holding you back<p>No matter your ability level—whether you’re a cat 2 racer or a first-timer on a coffee ride—that powerless feeling of watching faster riders slowly roll away without you sucks. If you constantly seem to get stuck …

Carbon Fiber

7 Surefire Ways to Burn More Calories on Your Bike

When fat loss is the goal, here’s how to squeeze the most out of every ride<p>You’ve likely heard the news that exercise alone is not the golden ticket to easy weight loss: You also need to eat well to drop the pounds. But you can definitely burn calories while cycling, helping your fitness and fat …


How to Crash Safely on a Road Bike

Yeah, you want to avoid crashing. But when the inevitable crash comes, knowing these key tricks can help keep you from catapulting over the bar.<p>If you were watching Stage 12 of the 2011 Tour, you saw Team Sky racer Geraint Thomas go down while descending on a wet, oily mountain road in the …

Geraint Thomas

Perfect Pedaling: Get a Better Pedal Stroke

Get the most energy from each crank revolution with these tips for proper pedaling<p>Pedaling in a simple circle is a complex thing, but mastering it can save energy, says Todd Carver, biomechanist at Colorado's Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. He says that with proper ankling (shown here; not the …


Improve Your Ride in Less Than One Minute

Getting faster doesn’t always take a lot of time and effort. We asked experts, from coaches to physiotherapists to mechanics, to share their best quick and simple cycling tips.<p>"Clean your chain and cassette. Seriously, we 'fix' so many shifting problems by just doing that." <i>—Dan Richter, mechanic at</i> …


3 Super-Easy Things Your Bike Mechanic Wishes You Would Do

Tips that will save you time and money—and prolong the life of your bike<p>So what if you’re not a virtuoso when it comes to repairing bicycles? You can still perform some routine maintenance that will not only save you money but also prolong the life of your bike—not to mention allow you to enjoy …

New York City

8 Things Your Sweat Is Trying to Tell You

Clue in to your health on your next ride with these perspiration signals<p>No one likes riding in drenched bib shorts or feeling the burn of sweat dripping in their eyes while out on the roads during the summer. But these annoyances have a purpose—sweat is actually the body's (pretty brilliant) …


Tips for Surviving a Mountain Bike Stage Race

Amateur and pro riders at the 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic share their secrets to making it through a week on the bike in one piece<p>A weeklong stage race of any kind is tough, but mountain bike events can be especially hard on your bike and body. That’s why the athletes who compete in the seven-day …

Mountain Biking

How to Get Quads Like These

Monster quads help you crush the ride. Here’s how to craft a pair of your own.<p>Bulging, carved quads are essentially flashing neon signs announcing that you are a cyclist and you’ve come to kick some ass. And those diamond-cut cannons are more than just aesthetically pleasing in your spandex. The …

Bradley Wiggins

How to Train for Climbing—Without Hills

No mountains? No problem. Get climbing fitness with these simple tips.<p><b>Oops, I signed up for an epic climbing event this summer. But I'm a flatlander! How do I prepare for the mountains?</b><p>Despite having an address in pancake-flat south Florida, professional triathlete and coach Aubrey Aldy regularly …


The Biggest Mistake You're Making on Climbs

Get to the top faster—and fresher—with these smart strategies<p>You know that burning feeling you get 10 minutes into a hard climb? It shouldn’t be there. It’s your legs telling you that you’re burning too many matches too early—and if you’re not careful, you’re going up in flames before you reach the …


Ride Rocks Like a Pro Mountain Biker

These tricks and tips will help you ride through rock gardens smoothly<p>Few people know rocks as well as the riders who take on the Trans-Sylvania Epic seven day mountain bike stage race. From small, chunky rock gardens to big boulders in the middle of the single track, racers spend the week adapting …

Mountain Biking

4 Ways You’re Hurting Your Chain

Show your drivetrain some love by avoiding these simple mistakes<p>Your chain might be one of the least flashy parts of your bike but without it, your drivetrain—and you—aren’t going anywhere. Show a little respect for those all-important links working their way through your gears. Here are four ways …


Two Hacks for Hopeless Flat Tire Situations


What to Do If You're Injured on a Bike Ride

Our test director was alone on singletrack when he crashed and broke his leg. Here's what you can learn from his experience.<p>I went for an after-work bike ride, alone, as I often do. I told my wife I was heading into Horse Gulch, the biggest trail network where I live in Durango, Colorado, and …


6 Reasons Biking Boosts Weight Loss

You'll want to hop on your bike and hit the roads instantly after learning these six reasons cycling is so effective at helping you lose weight.


One Move for a More Powerful Pedal Stroke

Hit your neglected flip side to spin smooth, strong circles<p>Most cyclists do a good job working their powerful prime pedal-pushing muscles in their glutes and quads both on the bike and in the gym with squats and leg presses. But unless you do a lot of single leg pedaling drills or otherwise …


Best Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Cyclists

Your tightest muscles may be keeping other ones from performing their best. Here’s how to balance them out for a super strong—and comfortable—pedal stroke.<p>We working cyclists spend a whole lot of waking hours in the same position. Sitting, hunched over desks. Sitting, hunched over phones. Sitting, …


9 Bike Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

How to avoid common pitfalls when you're just starting to ride<p>It’s National Bike Month, and we’re all looking forward to having more company in the bike lane. But if you’re a beginning rider, knowing the basic rules of the road might not be enough. Here are a few common traps for new cyclists—and …

Bike Lanes

Six Tips to Make Cycling More Comfortable

The only pain that you feel while riding should come from pushing yourself. If you’re feeling uncomfortable on your bike, try making one of these gear swaps.<p><b>Saddle</b><br>You might feel a bit like Goldilocks as you try to find a comfy saddle. Many cyclists end up having to try many different saddles at …


Got Numb Feet? This May Be Why

Address common cyclist foot problems—from numbness to fungus—before they wreck your ride<p>From fungal infections to hammertoes, numbness and nerve damage, cycling can be unkind to your feet in many ways. Sometimes it’s an issue of finding the right shoe, sometimes it’s about hygiene, and sometimes, …


Learn Easy Bike Maintenance from a Pro

Bicycling’s new online course teaches you how to keep your bike running smoothly and safely—and you can do it all from home<p>Most of us would rather ride our bikes than work on them. But the alternative—heading to the shop every time we have flat tire or a skipping chain—is even less appealing. Plus, …