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A Neuroscientist Reveals The Most Important Choice You Can Make in Life

Choose wisely.<p>According to Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University who has been studying decision-making for over a decade, the …

Northwestern University

Why You Should Stop Hugging Your Dog If You Really Love Them

Plants and Animals Photo credit: "Please, someone save me from this embrace." Liukov/ShutterstockSnuggling up with a dog or a puppy is a sure fire …

Blood Pressure

Bran’s Dram

Makes 1 Servings<p>"If rum won't give you that warming glow of wellness, the hot tea will." -Benjamin Schiller, beverage director of The Berkshire Room<p>December 2013Print<p>Ingredients<p>1 bag berry herbal tea<p>1½ oz. white rum<p>¼ oz. fresh lemon juice<p>1 teaspoon honey<p>1 lemon twist<p>Recipe Preparation<p>Steep tea bag …


DIY Dim Sum: How to Make Authentic Soup Dumplings at Home

Making soup dumplings isn't hard. Okay, it kind of is. But this step-by-step video will teach you everything you need to know.<p>Soup dumplings fall in the category of "delicious things we love to order when we're out, but would never even dream of making at home." Until now, that is. This dim sum …

Food & Dining

The Woman Who Woke Up in the Future

Naomi Jacobs went to bed a 32-year-old woman and woke up believing she was a teenager again. After temporarily losing 17 years of memories from a rare form of amnesia, Jacobs wrote a memoir about piecing her life back together.<p>Naomi Jacobs was a 32-year-old single mother living in Manchester, …


Gluten-Free Pizza | Anna Jones

Chilli Chicken With Ginger & Coriander - Gordon Ramsay

Get Your Much-Needed Fruit Fix with Apple-Raspberry Crumb Bars

These gooey-but-crumbly bars strike the perfect balance between comforting and spring-y. Here's how to nail 'em.<p><i>Welcome to the second annual Bon Appétit Readers’ Choice Week, where we’re committed to celebrating the people who make what we do all worthwhile (that’s you!). As part of the</i> …


25 Easy Desserts for Those Last-Minute Sugar Cravings

When you want something sweet and you want it now, look no further than quick-fix treats.<p><b>We love making weekend projects</b> out of elaborate cake, pastry, and pie recipes. But when we get hit by a sudden, unstoppable sugar craving, we turn to these no-fuss desserts. From the easiest cookies to the …


45 Easter Desserts (That You Can Eat All Spring)

Here's an excuse to eat even more sweets.<p>As far as candy holidays go, Easter is less indulgent than Halloween, but still full of sweets. Since you're eating chocolate bunnies and Peeps, it wouldn't hurt <i>too</i> much to keep the sugar rush going with more dessert. Finish off a brunch or family dinner …


Sweet fritters with orange and dark rum recipe

These French bugnes, or Angel Wings, are subtly citrussy and transform into golden, puffed-up diamonds after just a few seconds in hot oil<p>"Bugnes", heavenly little fritters, are traditionally made for Mardi Gras season, but I like to make them at any time of year. It gives me great pleasure to see …


How to make rhubarb bread and butter pudding

The children like a proper pudding from time to time. Who doesn’t? My speedy weeknight fruit or yogurt offering is all well and good, but when Sunday comes, and the oven is already on, cooking a joint, I take the time to bake a pudding.<p>Forced rhubarb, finished in the dark, and in season now, is …