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AgileTailblazers & Zephyr Partner to Accelerate Agile Testing | Zephyr

<i>New Partnership Enables Effortless Atlassian and Zephyr Deployments</i><p><b>News Summary</b><p>Atlanta—July 25, 2016—AgileTrailblazers, a leading provider of …

4 Core Concepts You Need to Understand SQL Databases

Understanding SQL Databases is an essential skill that enables developers to create and maintain reliable, consistent, and efficient applications.

The 5 Step Guide for Selenium, Cucumber, and Gherkin

The Automated Testing, Quick Start Guide for Selenium, Cucumber and Gherkin using Ruby for BDD and ATDD.

Getting Started with Jenkins Pipeline in 4 Steps

Jenkins Pipeline, Enterprise Jenkins, open-source Jenkins,<p><p>article

Automated Testing with Selenium Grid and Jenkins in 3 Steps

How to Make Your Scrum Master Happy Using JIRA Integrations

JIRA integrations allow your entire Agile team to see development context from GitHub and Jenkins inline with the rest of your JIRA story data.

4 Things You MUST Have in Order to Say You’re Doing DevOps

There are four areas of DevOps (Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery and Configuration Management), and you need all of …

7 Signs Your Architecture Is Not Agile-Ready

Is your application architecture is holding you back? Don't let your application architecture hold back your Agile transformation. Agile architecture

Getting Started with JIRA Portfolio 2.0

Learn to setup and start using JIRA Portfolio 2.0 to your teams' backlogs, leveraging new integration with JIRA boards and powerful forecasting tools.

4 Sure-Fire Signs Your Company Needs DevOps

If your company is showing any of these signs, you need to bring DevOps to bare and set your development engine up for better success. CI, CD ATDD

High Code Coverage Means You Have Quality Tests, Right? Wrong!

Agile Testing requires automated unit tests with high code coverage, but high code coverage goes not automatically mean you have quality tests.

6 Reasons to use Postman/Newman for API Integration Testing

6 Reasons to use Postman/Newman for API Integration Testing from on the fly testing to full blown test suites.

Getting started with Zephyr for JIRA in 5 Easy Steps

Enterprise DevOps Accelerates Release Orientation Adoption

Enterprise DevOps Accelerates Release Orientation …

Agile Enterprise Portfolio Management for Release Orientation

Without a lean implementation of Portfolio Management, large enterprises are unlikely to achieve Release Orientation. Adopting agile delivery …

4 Ways in which the US Insurance Industry is Disrupting Itself

4 Ways in which the US Insurance Industry is Disrupting …

4 Essential Skill Requirements for a QA engineer Working in an Agile Environment