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Bill Nye explains why the universe guides white women in their 20s

Are you one of those people that sees signs in everything? Then chances are you’re a white woman in your mid 20s. And you’re not alone.<p>It turns out, …

David Letterman

Bill Nye Reveals The True Purpose Of The Universe On "Inside Amy Schumer"

If you need an apricot puggle, now you know where to turn.

Inside Amy Schumer

Theory of everything? How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement

Physicists and mathematicians have made a significant step toward unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics by explaining how spacetime …

Einstein’s famous theory of general relativity turns 100 this year — here’s why it’s still a fundamental part of physics

The famous theory, which Einstein published in 1915, remains the bedrock upon which scientists' understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe rests. It continues to inspire research into some of the most fundamental unanswered questions in physics and astronomy.<p>General relativity "is …

Giant impacts, planet formation and the search for life elsewhere

In the search for life beyond our solar system, we need to consider the system in which a planet moves, including the other planets and assorted …