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Jonghyun was going to be the opening act of Music Core 2018... First performer of 2018’s first episode...

“People who die from suicide don’t want to end their life, they want to end their pain.” — Kim Jonghyun #RosesForJonghyun

katie / MINGY on Twitter: "This is really very sad but jonghyun planned everything out so thoroughly. He made sure his members schedules were done, his concerts were over, and he even prepared songs for his fans so they wouldn't feel too sad for him :("

This is one of Jonghyun’s last performances before he passed away. This is so beautiful. You could feel the love he had for Shawols and Shawols had for him. I’m glad one of his final moments spent on stage was such a beautiful one. #RipJonghyun

• 211217 • The last day of Jonghyun's funeral. Today is the day Jinki, Kibum, Minho & Taemin, his brothers will carry his coffin. Today is the last day SHINee will ever be together, side by side. Their very last walk as OT5, is carrying their brother to his last residence.

jonghyun tried to catch that little confetti and gave it to kibum. this is so cute

crown prince ksoo snatched my wig on Twitter: "minho was one of the person who broke down when jonghyun's death was confirmed but he was like the leader at the funeral hall,comforting lots of ppl who came to give their visits,giving them hugs and being strong in front of ppl you are indeed the strongest man,choi minho"

minho, youve done enough i bet you jjong is probably smiling right now because youre strong we love you minho #RosesForJongHyun #jonghyun

@velvetpjm Jonghyun’s Perfection in 5min 20sec video is so serene, beautiful, and pure. I will never forget his art 💛🌹

Jonghyun's past interview about his future goals resurfaces

<i>"I look forward to my 28-year-old self,"</i> were the very words of <b>SHINee</b>'s Jonghyun back in 2008.<p>However just 9 years later, the idol star left the side …

영상으로 만나는 #JONGHYUN SOLO CONCERT [#INSPIRED] 서로가 서로의 INSPIRATION이 되었던 순간들을 모아보았습니다📽🙌 #171209 #171210 #종현 #샤이니 #SHINee #샤이니월드 #SHINeeWORLD

Apink's Eunji exposes truth: says many idols actually feel the same way as Jonghyun

Jonghyun’s Past Interview Surfaces, He Talks About Disagreement With SM Entertainment<p>SHINee Pays Tribute To Jonghyun In Heartbreaking Way At Japanese …

when jonghyun showed up to taemins concert wearing full taemin merch ricjsjfhs that was my favorite day

[TRANS] Taeyeon’s farewell post to Jonghyun 🖤🖤🖤 #RIPJonghyun

remember when jonghyun meant to tweet about minho but accidentally posted a pic of a field instead

K-Pop Star Jonghyun’s Death Reveals Heartbreaking Reality Of Life In The Limelight

The lead singer of SHINee battled depression.<p>The sudden death of one of South Korea's biggest pop stars is shedding light on the heartbreaking …