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What Happens if I Win the Lottery in Bankruptcy?

A common question my clients as me is what happens if you win the lottery during bankruptcy and how would it affect my chapter 7 filing? There are 3 …

Bankruptcy Law Office of Dave Falvey - Helping People in Connecticut Declare Bankruptcy

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT BANKRUPTCY<p>These are some of the most common questions we get from our clients concerning bankruptcy. If you don't …

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What Self-Made Millionaires Do When Others Are Wasting Time on Social Media


Bankruptcy for Governor Connolly

Bankruptcy of Henry Ford, Milton Hershey and Henry Heinz

Bankruptcy of Rembrandt, Robert Morris and Jay Cooke

Can Businesses Benefit From Debt Consolidation?

Businesses are allowed to file for bankruptcy protection as well as individuals but many individuals get into problems because their business is …

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So You've Received A Collection Letter, Now What Do You Do?

Do you open it? Do you send it back? Read on to find the answer to common questions one may have after receiving a debt collection letter in the mail …

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Pre-paid Cards Enter the Credit Market, Thwarting the Primary Impetus for Using the Cards

Pew found that the primary reason customers use pre-paid cards is because they want to avoid going into debt. Pre-paid cards help with this goal …

Learn These 10 Important Things You Should Do During a Debt Settlement Process

The process of debt settlement is almost impossible if done alone, or if done without the know-how of the process; it is like wishful thinking of …

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Should I Try Debt Consolidation Over Bankruptcy? Good Question

If you’re in debt, it’s important to consider all your options from debt consolidation to bankruptcy and make a choice that works best for your …

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Harassing Collection Calls Are A Nuisance But Can Be Stopped

Before you can begin to address your financial situation, you need to be able to think. It’s stressful enough worrying about how you can get more …

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10 Simple Mistakes You Can Make When Deciding Between Debt Settlement Companies

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that choosing between different debt settlement companies can be a tricky task but it must be done and with care. …

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How The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Helps You

Creditors can try to collect what they think is due them in many different ways: Many begin with calls to pressure the debtor into making payments as …

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