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Shugran (Siri/Paya)

Kaghan Valley Mansehra

Lush Green Paaya Meadows

Ayubia Evening the Chain of Mountains

Ganz beach

Lake Saif ul Maluk

Fireworks at Derawar Fort

College Too Pricey? You Can Study in These 7 Countries for Free (or Nearly Free)

U.S. college tuition prices are going nowhere but up, so you may want to consider getting your degree abroad.<p>There's a reason so many students and …

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How to Save U.S.-Pakistan Relations from the Brink of Disaster

War between the United States and Pakistan is imminent, if one goes by the talk in DC at every other forum on the subject. There is a strange …

Nuclear neighbours: The India-Pakistan arms race

Seventy years after partition, nuclear-powers India and Pakistan are locked in a bitter arms race. But who has what?<p>In 1947, the British colonial rulers drew a line of partition, dividing the Indian subcontinent into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India. What followed was one of the …