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DAY 1: Hempcrete activity With this activity an expert showed us how to create the material through adding water, hempcrete and a binding agent to a mixer. After doing the process ourselves we then built a 300mm timber cavity wall through packing the hempcrete in.

DAY 1: Hydropower During this activity we looked at a simple hydro power turbine piped from the reservoir on site. The turbine converts energy from the mass of moving water which through height and gravity holds potential power to useable electrical energy. The reservoir is 30 metres higher than the turbine which is vital for gravity to act on it and produce enough power. In our project, although the stream has kinetic energy the fact that height = 0 in the following equation means that all other factors are cancelled out. As Power = Energy / Time and E(k) = ½ mv^2 Energy = mgh Which means: Power = m x g x h / t M dot = m/t Therefore, in this instance M dot = 10kg/6.375s = 156 kg/s In terms of electricity: P (elec) = VI P = (1.56kg/s) (9.81m/s) (30m) = 459W Efficiency of power conversion was also calculated.

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