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Old-Fashioned Lemon Sugar Cookies

These large cookies have a classic lemony flavor, a chewy texture, and glistening, crackly tops created with a double sprinkling of sanding sugar.


Chewy Chocolate-Gingerbread Cookies

A combination of fresh and ground ginger, molasses, and chunks of semisweet chocolate makes the cookies sophisticated enough for adults but chocolaty enough for children.


Minted-Chocolate Cookies


Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Cookies

Each tender cookie has a gooey marshmallow lodged inside, plus it's all covered in chocolate. The cookies are perfect for sharing at holidays and events or for selling at bake sales.

Crisp and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie people take sides. You're either a soft-and-chewy fan or a lover of thin and crisp. But everyone goes for these chocolate chip treats. They're soft in the middle, slightly crunchy at the edges, and extra-big.


Make Homemade Candy Cane Fudge Like a Boss

Candy cane fudge will be beautiful on your dessert table this year. Sweet peppermint fudge is all decked out for the holidays!<p>Well, here I am as the candy contributor FINALLY bringing you a holiday treat. I say it all year long, that fudge can be enjoyed any time of year.<p>But, if you’ve been waiting …

The Best Food For PMS: Beat PMS Symptoms By Eating These Foods

<i>By Corrie Pikul</i><p>Here's what food to eat from morning to night to get all-natural relief from PMS mood swings, cramps, soreness -- and more.<p>PHOTO GALLERY<p>The PMS Diet<p><i>As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.</i><p><i>Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost</i> …

6 Strategies to Treat PMS Without Medication

PMS. These three simple letters strike fear in the hearts of many men. For women, many of whom deal with it as a regular part of their lives, humor becomes the coping mechanism of choice. We bond over shared horror stories of random outbursts and crying jags, each one trying to top the other. We've …

The PMS Diet

<b>Sweet Potatoes</b><br>Premenstrual mood swings and crazy cravings come down to a shortage of the brain chemical serotonin, says Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., coauthor of The Serotonin Power Diet. "The only thing that helps—and it helps instantly—is to eat carbs, because that's the only way the brain makes new …

Mood swings? It might be more than PMS…

The most commonly prescribed combined contraceptive pill has a potential side-effect that more women – and GPs – should know about<p>It's that time of the month again. If you're a woman, you might be feeling a bit low, irritable, edgy and perhaps craving something sweet and cake-like. If you're a man …

This May Be The Mother Of All PMS Myths

Were you out sick that day in grade school when the teacher explained the menstrual cycle?<p>Don't worry. A new video from the YouTube series ASAPScience will fill you in. It explains the ins and outs of a woman's monthly cycle--and debunks a popular myth about premenstrual syndrome, or PMS.<p>"PMS is …

Here's the Real Reason You Get PMS

Only your soul mate will bring you dark chocolate when you're laughing and crying at the same time.<p>A group of intrepid (and, ironically, male) scientists have set out to figure out why the hell women get PMS, and they think it's to test our boyfriends.<p>Research from McQuarie University in Australia …

55 Bean Recipes You'll Be Making All Year Long

What's for dinner tonight? These 55 great recipes for beans.<p>Beans are healthy, delicious, and cheap. Maybe THAT'S why they're called the magical fruit… Well, anyway, here's a heck of a lot of canned and dried bean recipes!


The Best Indian Flatbread to Make at Home

Andrew Zimmern serves up a recipe for Kulcha, a lesser-known Indian flatbread that's more versatile (and easier to make) than naan.<p>North Indian …

21 Rice Noodle Recipes to Make Instead of Ordering Delivery

You don't need delivery! Instead, slurp away on these 21 rice noodle recipes.<p><b>We've all done it: In a (completely understandable) fit of laziness</b>, we've plopped down on the couch, picked up the phone, called the neighborhood takeout joint for some pad thai. But many rice noodle dishes are just as …


9 ridiculous sandwiches you need in your life

Who needs turkey or ham when you can stuff mac 'n' cheese between two slices of bread? For that matter, who needs bread when you can use a doughnut to make your sandwich? Behold: nine outrageous, insanely tasty sandwiches to try for National Sandwich Day, November 3.<p><b>1.</b> Baked bean French toast …

16 Drive-Thru Favorites to Make at Home

Back before food trucks started their takeover, the drive-thru ruled the on-the-go-eats arena. And now that we’ve been spoiled with such awesome and thoughtfully crafted fare, it can be a bit of a challenge to revisit the old haunts. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to hack fast food at home, allowing …

How to to Get the Best Out of Your Knives at Home

Here's how to select and care for your kitchen knives at home—according to two expert knifemakers.<p><i>Welcome to Out of the Kitchen, our ongoing exploration of America’s coolest food artisans. Over the next few months, we’re apprenticing with the best knife forgers, cider brewers, and spice blenders,</i> …


Love Your Pan: What to Cook (and What Not to) in a Cast Iron

Steak is made for cast iron cooking. A bolognese? Not so much.<p>If we could, we'd shout it from the mountain tops: We love cooking with cast iron. They're durable, efficient, endlessly useful, and make a pretty photo to boot. And yet, for so many, cast iron pans remain tucked away in the furthest …

40 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Recipes That Are NOT Boring

No dry, flavorless chicken here—you'll want to make everything from crispy cutlets to flavorful soups.<p><b>Chicken breast may be everyone's go-to lean protein</b>—but, man, can it be <i>boring</i>. Too often it's an overcooked afterthought, sautéed and tossed into pasta or tumbled over some greens. Nobody likes …


20 Finger Lickin’ Good Chicken Tender Recipes to Make

Try as we might, from time to time, we find ourselves in a dinner time chicken rut. Sure, we’ve gone over countless anything-but-boring ways to prepare it, and we’ve used rotisserie chicken to it’s full potential. Nevertheless, we need more ideas of just what to do with that bird. These 20 …

Who Needs Takeout? 15 Recipes for Chinese Buns

A few months back, we shared how to make a whole spread of dim sum at home. Now we’re focusing things in on one perpetual favorite — the bao. These 15 Chinese buns feature an assortment of tasty fillings from the traditional barbecue pork to an uncommon melange of meat-free delights… and some are …

How to Braise Meat without a Recipe (Seriously!)

By Bon Appétit<p>Learn the basics of braising and you can transform even the toughest cut of meat into a tender, succulent masterpiece. Here's how to braise meat—no recipe necessary.<p>Real talk: You don't need a recipe to make the braise of your dreams. Not that there's anything wrong with following a …


43 Meals Everyone Should Eat In Their Lifetime

From unpretentious fried fish tacos in Baja, Mexico, to the foraged tasting menu at Copenhagen's Noma (the best restaurant in the world), we found 43 meals that are worth traversing the planet for.<p>Foodies will want to put these spots on their travel bucket list.

How to Make Freckles POP or Disappear in Lightroom

Editing freckles in Lightroom to make them POP or disappear. How to work with freckles in under 30 seconds.