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The 7 stages of falling in love with someone who's already in a relationship

We often hear people talk, sing, and write stories and poetry about the exquisite pain of unrequited love. But what we don’t hear about too much is …


Having shorter relationships is linked to being attractive, study claims

If you’ve never had a serious, long-term relationship, you’ve probably asked yourself why.<p>Are you a commitment-phobe? Do you prefer to play the …


Why you're always bloated, plus 7 foods for a flatter tummy

Just how much bloating is normal? First, consider what causes bloating: gas. The intestine normally contains gas that was either swallowed by a patient or produced by the bacteria that lives in the intestine, Dr. Abdullah Shatnawei, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic, told Fox News. He …

12 healthy eating habits that work, according to science

But as fun as the diets may seem, it's often difficult to stick with them for more than a few weeks. As a result few people actually see any long-term results.<p>Rather than trying one of those, here are 12 science-backed habits that can help boost your health and may help with weight loss as well.

7 Bad Habits That Will Severely Jeopardize Your Career in Business

Most employees find it easy to recognize leadership, or lack of it, in others. Yet they often are oblivious to the same traits in themselves. It's time to take a hard look in the mirror.<p>Are you a career-minded business professional waiting impatiently for that appointment to a leadership position, …