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Fears parts of world's longest sea bridge are floating away

Construction of 55km bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau and China involves building artificial islands, parts of which seem to be coming unstuck<p>Authorities overseeing construction of the world’s longest sea bridge are working to allay concerns that parts of the massive structure are starting to …

Hong Kong

15 Hilariously Cringeworthy Childbirth Fails That'll Make You Disinvite Your Husband

Poor guys didn't know what hit 'em.<p><i>Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.</i>


Clouds of Venus Could Host Extraterrestrial Life Forms

In the quest to answer whether we’re alone, scientists have found that the clouds of venus may help solve the mystery of whether life outside of …


Album Review: "Expectations" by Hayley Kiyoko

<i>With soulful lyrics and addictive melody, Hayley Kiyoko surpasses all “Expectations” in her debut album.</i><p>In a scene of tasteful refinery, Hayley …

Student Journalism

If Reddit opened an amusement park

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Amusement Parks

In a study, researchers suggest that investing in public education can lead to more upward economic mobility and lower teen pregnancy rates, as well as provide a way to ease income inequality.

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One of the most wholesome C&H strips

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New wheelchair Zoomies

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Egypt will build the World's largest Solar Park

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Salted to death?

British Parenting (FIXED)


Find someone who looks at you the way Mark Hamill looks at Harrison Ford

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Mark Hamill

You see Comrade, we takings and you recievings

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Brake clean is a hot commodity in my shop..

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My granddad's tool collection in his shed


Showering your dog while smearing peanut butter on a wall as a distraction

Peanut Butter

The farm below the mountain

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hmmmclassic repost

Good boy defends himself from being eaten alive

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/u/qtx on Bedtime

TIL the Nazis took over a high-end Berlin brothel commonly used by prominent Germans and foreign dignitaries, replaced all the prostitutes with spies, and continued business until a British air raid demolished the building in 1942

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MRW I live in Europe and wake up on 2nd April to see April fool's posts still appearing on reddit

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the front page of the internet


interesting title 😂😂😂😂

/u/scragar on „Microwaved this foil ball for 3 minutes and this is the result 😧😲😱“

Where's the guardian...