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Volunteer Spotlight: The Power of a Village - Volunteers Create an Experience at Aga Khan Foundation Walk - Aga Khan Foundation USA

<i>Sana Nizarahmed and Shama Madhani were the AKF volunteer leaders for the Village In Action at the 2015 Aga Khan Foundation Walk – San Antonio. The</i> …

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Hippos, custard and tapas: the 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh fringe

The comedy channel Dave asked the public to vote on the best gags to emerge from this year’s fringe festival, and here are the results

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Charles Correa's crystalline Islamic centre joins the Aga Khan Museum in a Toronto park

A faceted glass dome peaks above the prayer hall of Toronto's new Charles Correa-designed Islamic cultural centre, which shares a patch of parkland …

Aga Khan Museum Toronto: Bridging the Middle East and North America through art

Posted on June 30, 2015June 29, 2015<p>Contemporary works of 12 artists from the Middle East will be exhibited in Toronto<p>JUNE 29, 2015 Dubai: …

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Education in Afghanistan: The Contributions of the Aga Khan Development Network

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Food security means having enough nutritious food, every day of the year. Achieving food security is an essential tool for fighting poverty. When people have the calories and nutrients they need every day, they have the strength to improve their lives. At this community gathering in rural Mozambique, children wait for a meal that their parents learned to prepare with nutritious ingredients they can grow at home. ------------------------------------------------------------ #food #nutrition #security #community #Mozambique #AKDN #qualityoflife

Congratulations to the Aga Khan University for maintaining its position as the top medical university in Pakistan! This was the finding of the Higher Education Commission’s latest ranking of public and private universities in the country. That makes it 5 years running! The parameters considered in the comprehensive selection process included quality assurance, teaching quality, research, finance and facilities, and social integration or community development. ---------------------------------------------------------- #medical #medics #education #university #HEC #quality #teaching #research #doctors #nurses #Pakistan #AKU #AKUH #AKDN #qualityoflife

A elephant calf at the National Zoo of Mali plays around with one of the animal carers at feeding time. Back in June 2013, after 24 months of renovation and expansion by AKDN and its Government partners, the National Zoo of Mali was reopened to the public. The Zoo is home to over 100 animal species, including 17 species of mammals, and features elephants, turtles, gazelles and primates. It is also home to 21 species of birds, 13 species of reptiles and 58 species of fish. Special attention has been given to the care of endangered African species to safeguard the genetic heritage of wild species. Built over six hectares, the Zoo recreates natural habitats that respect the needs of animals while following international zoo standards. As part of a 25 year agreement, the public private partnership led by AKDN will cover construction, management, maintenance and development of the zoological and botanical parks. This will ensure that the parks become self-sustaining entities over time and not a burden on the municipality of Bamako. ---------------------------------------------- #Zoo #animals #wildspecies #elephant #conservation #renovation #endangered #species #heritage #park #Bamako #everydayafrica @everydayafrica #Africa #AKDN #qualityoflife

TODAY: Phase 3 of the Azito Energy plant in Côte d’Ivoire opened today to provide 10% more affordable and reliable electricity to the country. The plant, which opened in 1999, now runs a 430 MW combined-cycle gas turbine making it one of the most modern and efficient power plants in West Africa. It will provide one-quarter of Côte d’Ivoire’s current total electricity capacity. During the peak of construction, the plant’s expansion created more than 1,300 jobs of which more than 60% were met by local employment. Azito Energy is owned and operated by a consortium of partners of which AKDN is one. AKDN’s for-profit investments are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises in the developing world, particularly in parts that lack sufficient foreign direct investment. -------------------------------------------------------- #energy #electricity #construction #power #powerplant #economicdevelopment #jobs #AzitoEnergy #AzitoEnergie #WestAfrica #CoteDIvoire #AKDN #qualityoflife

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Inauguration of the Ayyubid Wall and Tarabay al-Sherif Complex projects in Cairo | Aga Khan Development Network

<b>Cairo, Egypt, 16 June 2015</b> - The restoration of the Tarabay al-Sherif Complex and 1.5 kilometres of the historic Ayyubid wall were inaugurated today …

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University of Central Asia signs milestone Curriculum Development Agreement with Seneca College, Canada | Aga Khan Development Network

<b>Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 7 July 2015</b> – The University of Central Asia (UCA) signed a memorandum of understanding on 7 July 2015 with Seneca College …

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Nila Gumbad reunited with the Humayun's Tomb complex

Nila Gumbad, the beautiful blue-tiled tomb, has finally been reunited with the Humayun's Tomb complex. After nearly nine years, the Aga Khan Trust …

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Delhi gets its fourth archaeological park.<p>S p re a d ove r 8 0 0 acres and located in the heart of the capital, the newly notified Dinpanah …


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Jubilee taps Rafiki MFI to extend reach

In Summary<p>“The insurance penetration in Kenya is currently very low owing to factors like ignorance and traditional African beliefs that frown upon …


Ismailis celebrate Islamic culture

Dubai: Canada and the UAEm enjoying a sense of kindred spirit thanks to outreach efforts by Ismaili centres in both countries to raise awareness …

Roshan Signs a Three Year Extension as Title Sponsor of RAPL

By Mirwais Adeel - Thu Jul 09 2015, 12:49 pm<p>Afghanistan’s leading total communications provider, Roshan, signed a three year extension as Title …

Charles Correa 1930 – 2015

Correa crossed cultures. Born in what was then Hyderabad (now Secunderabad), he started his studies at the University of Bombay, proceeded to the …