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44 Flips | 1 Magazine | 719 Followers | @99Homes | In this timely thriller, after evicting a single father, a charismatic & ruthless businessman offers him a deal-with-the-devil to win back his home.

Intense Michael Shannon puts dramatic human face on foreclosure crisis in '99 Homes'

Starting with "Man Push Cart," his 2005 debut feature, writer-director Ramin Bahrani has made a career out of socially conscious melodramas by putting a dramatic human face on issues more usually found on editorial pages than entertainment sections.<p>Bahrani's latest film, "99 Homes," an examination …

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The One Movie You Should Absolutely See This Month

Two American movies got long awaited releases last week. One was a violent torture porn horror. The other was truly terrifying.<p>Eli Roth, the creator of modern horror heavyweights <i>Cabin Fever</i> and the <i>Hostel</i> series, channeled the classic cult film <i>Cannibal Holocaust</i> in his latest, <i>The Green Inferno</i>, …


99 Homes Movie

99 Homes - Official Online Trailer (2015) - Broad Green Pictures

On the Red Couch with Actor Andrew Garfield

<i>Best known for playing Spider-Man, actor Andrew Garfield has a knack for conflicted, complicated roles. In films like Never Let Me Go and The Social Network, the 32-year-old actor played characters that were boyish, tense and prone to spectacular acts of physicality, like when Garfield’s Eduardo</i> …

99 Homes Movie

99 HOMES directed by Ramin Bahrani at TIFF 2014

Andrew Garfield Was "So Proud" to Join the Man-Bun Ranks

Andrew Garfield spent hours with families who'd lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis to prepare for his role as a single dad fighting to stay afloat in <b>99 Homes</b>. While those stories may have faded from the daily news cycle, he says they're more relevant than ever in America, even singling out …

Michael Shannon: ‘99 Homes’ takes hard look at foreclosure crisis

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Interview: ’99 Homes’ Star Andrew Garfield Talks The Cost Of Success, Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ More

Interview: ’99 Homes’ Star Andrew Garfield Talks The Cost Of Success, Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence,’ 'Spider-Man,' More<p>Chalk it up to image control and …

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99 Homes - 'Working' TV spot

99 Homes - 'Review' TV spot

"99 Homes" Interview: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, Noah Lomax and Director Ramin Bahrami

Andrew Garfield's '99 Homes' Nails Down Top Award at Deauville Film Festival

Ramin Bahrani’s drama about a businessman preying on foreclosed homeowners lands Grand Prize<p>Ramin Bahrani’s “99 Homes” was awarded the Grand Prize …

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99 Homes

99 Homes star Michael Shannon and director Ramin Bahrani visited AOL BUILD this week to talk about the film.

99 Homes

99 Homes

The critics are enraptured. Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon break hearts and take names in 99 Homes.

99 Homes - 'Worth It' Clip

99 Homes - 'Serious Money' Clip

99 Homes - 'Fifty Dollars' Clip

99 Homes - 'Eviction Scene' Clip