7 Art Cinema | Stranger than Paradise - 1984 - Jim Jarmusch | John Lurie as Willie, Eszter Balint as Eva, Richard Edson as Eddie, Cecillia Stark as Aunt Lotte, Danny Rosen as Billy, Rammellzee as Man With Money, Tom DiCillo as Airline Agent, Richard Boes as Factory Worker, Rockets Redglare, Harvey Perr and Brian J. Burchill as Poker Players, Sara Driver as Girl With Hat, Paul Sloane as Motel Owner | Directed by Jim Jarmusch, Produced by Sara Driver, Written by Jim Jarmusch, Starring, John Lurie, Eszter Balint, Richard Edson, Cecillia Stark, Music by John Lurie, Cinematography Tom DiCillo, Edited by Jim Jarmusch, Melody London, Production company Cinesthesia Productions Inc., Distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Release dates 1984, Running time 89 minutes, Country United States, West Germany, Language English, Hungarian | Photograph

Stranger Than Paradise - 1984 - Jim Jarmusch - cover