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骑上单车 穿梭在电影里最美的街

自行车不可抗拒的魅力让骑行成为近年来大热的旅行方式。趁着秋高气爽的好时节,探访那些经典影片中的场景,踏上脚蹬,像电影主人公那样来一次浪漫的骑行。<br>戴上耳机用力的踩几下单车,让它凭着惯性向下滑,哇哦,那美妙的感觉好像飞起来!我曾经在意大利沿着《罗马假日》的路线一路骑行,和台阶上舔着甜筒的游客打招呼,远看 …


自制奶香油条的做法_菜谱_美食天下 售卖中

路人和型男 中间只差12件时髦单品

1.一件白衬衣 如果说格子衫是宅男的标配,那么白衬衣则是体面男士的通行证。无论职场还是休闲...<p>2.一条牛仔裤 女士可以选择窄脚、阔腿各种款式的牛仔裤,但对于男士来说,牛仔裤的适合廓形只...<p>3.一套修身合体的西装 西装套装就是职场男士的“小黑裙”。大部分有点追求的男士都舍得在西装...<p>4.一件休闲 …

Samsung Galaxy Keyboard Bug Exposes Users to Hackers

Paul Thompson—FPG/Getty Images<p>Keystone/Holton/Getty Images<p>Kypros/Getty Images<p>Lyn Alweis—Denver Post/Getty Images<p>Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images<p>Mark …

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Cavaliers LeBron James discusses NBA Finals loss

CLEVELAND — The self-proclaimed “best player in the world” had walked to the bench shaking his head in the third quarter. The Cavaliers couldn’t shoot. Again.<p>But LeBron James did give Cavaliers fans one fleeting moment of hope when he had a steal and breakaway dunk two minutes into the fourth …


Here's a temporary fix for the missing quick toggles on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge

Have you had any of your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge quick toggles disappear? Though the phone came with these toggles available for the notification menu, many users are reporting the mobile data, hotspot and private mode toggles have been disappearing.<p>Sadly, there is no official fix just yet, …

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Men's fashion: easy like Sunday morning – off-duty looks in pictures

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a chore – especially at the weekend. Here are five Sunday looks inspired by some of the coolest menswear style icons

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LeBron James says Cavaliers won't change starting lineup in Game 5

LeBron James says the Cavaliers won't be shifting anything in response to the Warriors' smallball approach.<p>OAKLAND, Calif. -- LeBron James told …


LeBron James gets stitches, has 'slight headache' after cameraman collision

CLEVELAND -- LeBron James suffered a bloody gash on his head Thursday night after colliding with a cameraman late in the second quarter in Game 4 of …


Convert your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into the Iron Man edition with SlickWraps

By now, you must have heard about the limited edition Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the insane bidding wars on eBay this device has given rise to. Even if you are willing to fork over an unspecified but large amount of money for this version, the device itself is in short supply, with only a …

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