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Modest Mouse - Coyotes


Soak review – lush folk burns with the frustrations of youth

Most teenagers are contrarians, but few capitalise on their inconsistencies as well as Bridie Monds-Watson. She is a teenager who has been skateboarding longer than she’s played guitar yet writes world-weary songs loaded with adult acumen. And a singer-songwriter whose alias, Soak, is a blend of …

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新聞焦點 | 閱古典 | MUZIK Air

首頁 > 新聞焦點<p>近年來,台灣北中南大型國家級場館紛紛落成,高雄衛武營將於今年十月正式啟用,名列亞洲最大規模的國際級演出場域,各地的表團、藝術節也隨著趨勢活絡起來。值得關注的是,在場館的快速建置下,業界的劇場技術人才是 ...<p>▏一、大師不怕出身低,就怕看到不乾淨 布拉姆斯出生的1833年,此時他所崇 …

亙古綿長的身體戰爭:兩萬五千年的除毛大戰|女人迷 Womany

抱歉了果粉,這 15 個超殺 App 只有 Android 才能用 | TechOrange

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擁抱真實的自己!給你滿滿力量的 20 首女力歌單|女人迷 Womany

今天分享的 20 首歌,就是希望陪伴迷失自我的每個你,可以在歌曲中重新找回最初的自己,獲得滿滿的力量繼續往前進!<p>徐志摩: 「我們太過於習慣在別人面前帶上面具,最後讓我們在自己面前,也開始偽裝自己」<p>在生活中,我們常戴起精緻的面具,不讓別人看見自己的黑暗與脆弱,面對工作的時候,我們獨立堅強,面對情人的時 …

人還是可以說點小謊:沒說出的真相,比說謊更害人?|女人迷 Womany


圖片來源:northeastern.edu<p>文 / 駱宛琳<p>今年一剛開始,開發新抗生素的研究就傳來振奮人心的好消息。位於波士頓的Northeastern University、由Lewis博士領導的研究團隊,在篩檢超過五萬種土壤微生物菌株之後,發現大約二十五種新的抗生素。而在這些新發現的抗生素中,以一種 …

Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

One spring morning in Tucson, Arizona, in 1994, an unknown philosopher named David Chalmers got up to give a talk on consciousness, by which he meant the feeling of being inside your head, looking out – or, to use the kind of language that might give a neuroscientist an aneurysm, of having a soul. …


11 Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm and Kick the Winter Blues

Winter can be a depressing time, especially if we aren’t spending it at the ski resort. Bitter cold and a lack of daylight can really get you down in …

Articles about 8-products-help-you-be-more-productive on Dwell.com - Dwell

Tiny homes may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share the same spirit—they embrace a simpler lifestyle that...<p>When it comes to saying goodbye to summer, just remember the magical feeling that autumn can provide—thanks to the changing...<p>Driving in the car, working at your desk, …

Small Spaces


影片來源:Youtube<p>文/李佳錚<p>前陣子網路上點閱數破億的雙胞胎嬰兒影片中,雙胞胎不斷地用「達達達」在對話,讓人直呼好可愛!<p>他們在用自創的「達達語」互相溝通嗎?<p>美國田納西州范德堡大學(Vanderbilt University),聽力及語言科學的教授史蒂芬‧卡馬羅塔教授(Stephen Camara …

This Maker Created a Different Origami Figure Every Day in 2014

We’re big fans of all things making, especially paper art. But when makers take on a daily challenge involving one of the most complex forms of the medium — origami — we have to stop and stare (in admiration, of course). That’s exactly what origami artist Ross Symons made us do with his 365 Days of …


Why we've all fallen head-over-heels for the 36 questions that promise true love

A simple questionnaire, which claims it can make two strangers fall in love, has taken the world by storm. Claire Cohen explains why we're so drawn to the idea of eliminating risk where our fragile hearts are concerned<p>When <b>Mandy Len Catron</b> fell in love, she probably hoped for a few well wishers – …


因為 Google 提前披露 Windows 8.1的漏洞,微軟動怒了 | T客邦

微軟和 Google 的關係在近幾日急轉直下,原因在於,Google 披露了一個 Windows 8.1 的安全性漏洞,而微軟還未對此做出更新。Google 旗下的 Project Zero 專案小組上周公佈了微軟 Windows 8.1 的一個漏洞,該漏洞能允許使用者將一般帳號的使用者,透過漏洞成 …

It’s 2015 and I just bought a Sony Walkman

Advertisement<p>40 Comments<p>Credit: Kevin C. Tofel/Gigaom<p>As someone who was born when The Beatles were still together (just barely!), I’ve witnessed much …


三種影響愛情的依戀型態!用心理學找回感情安全感|女人迷 Womany

給老友的信:辭職吧!我支持妳離開穩定生活的勇氣|女人迷 Womany

如果你發現你的人生已不再進步,你有勇氣辭職和改變嗎?如果要放下一切,大步跨越障礙,需要一點勇氣。<p>「明天有空要不要一起吃中餐?」<p>「好啊!」<p>我們挑了一間充滿異國情調的亞洲餐廳坐下,她盯著我的眼睛說:「我辭職了。」<p>「蛤?什麼?」<p>我知道珊最近抑鬱寡歡一陣子了,有絕大因素都跟工作有關。(推薦你看:人生最重要的 …

法國猶太人萌生投奔以色列之念 - 紐約時報中文網

巴黎——對於已經感受到反猶主義困擾的法國猶太人說,上周恐怖襲擊的創傷更讓他們害怕和氣憤,也讓他們對自己在法國的未來沒有把握,他們越來越願意考慮前往以色列,儘管那裡衝突不斷,但仍不失為一個猶太人的安全避難所。<p>「這裡就像在打仗,」猶太居住區的薔薇街上一家藝術店的店主傑奎琳·科恩(Jacqueline Cohen)說,這條街的兩邊有許多中東食品炸豆丸子店和猶太教傳統用品店,周一上午,許多商店都沒開門。「發生了這些事情之後,我們覺得在特拉維夫市中心,比我們在巴黎心臟的這個地方更安全。」<p>「在以色列,有一個鐵穹保護我們,」她接下來說,她指的是以色列的反導彈防禦系統。「在這裡,我們感到孤立無助。我們不敢送孩 …

聽幾米談《星空》繪本:從故事獲得力量去對抗現實的挫敗|女人迷 Womany

Photograph: Allstar/Disney/Lucasfilm<p>Press shots have been released for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, but the film doesn’t hit cinemas until the end of …

Steven Spielberg

2014 年終回顧!10 首今年不該錯過的好歌,哪首最能代表你心情?|女人迷 Womany

2014 哪些好歌陪伴你走過傷心與開心的時刻呢?歡迎新作者 Fun 歌時間加入,期待他未來帶來精彩的音樂介紹!<p>無論是旅行時的聽覺饗宴、到音樂祭現場一起嗨翻、或是一個人在關了燈的黑夜試圖尋找撫慰人心的聲音,音樂在我們的生活中總是佔有好重要的位置。而在2014這一年,我們努力工作、用心生活和認真玩樂的同 …

打破網路謠言!心理學家教你做聰明的閱聽人|女人迷 Womany

How to Make a Coffee Cup Spy Camera That Snaps a Shot When You Take a Swig

Here’s an interesting weekend photography project of moderate technical difficulty: the video above is a tutorial on how you can make a DIY coffee …

10 DIY Projects That Are Past Their Prime (And How To Update Them)

DIY? Maybe don't. These 10 trends have overstayed their welcomebut they're ready for an update.<p>DIY? Maybe don't. These 10 trends have overstayed their welcome—but they're ready for an update.

World's End Girlfriend - We Are The Massacre


Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)