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2 Magazines | 88 Articles | 6,836 Followers | @70degreeswest | Photographer Justin Lewis was nurtured in the raw and rustic Pacific Northwest, where he honed a keen eye for capturing images that instill wonder and inspire action. At age 16, Lewis set off on the first of many solo international photo excursions, igniting a lifelong passion for adventure and cross-cultural exploration through photography. Having travelled to over forty five countries, Justin has woven photography seamlessly into his lifestyle of exploration and conservation. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography Justin made San Francisco his home base and began shooting commercial and editorial assignments for a range of clients.

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Water lilies, Okavango Delta, Botswana
One of the greatest challenges in photography to me is to define a personal point of view. During my work in …


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What is 70 Degrees West? Audio Descriptions by Justin Lewis and Michelle Stauffer

Phase 1 - Greenland

Inuit Hunter - Greenland

A Journey to the Arctic Ice and Into the Human Spirit

Justin Lewis

We rode for five days over an expanse of sea ice. The horizon was scattered with the memory of winter, and pieces of purple and amber mountains peeked through the eternal white snow. The light descends slowly this time of year and it draws out that delicious final hour of sunset glow …

The Arctic

Iceberg Arch Story

70 Degrees West - Telling the Stories that Matter

Enter Justin Lewis and Michelle Stauffer, a duo of fearless story tellers from the great state of California who are living proof that world saving …


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Photo: Justin Lewis

It is said that Greenland's Inuit name, Kalaallit Nunaat, means "The Land of Man." To the Greenlandic natives, it is home, where the dark days and sunlit nights demand the human spirit to endure at all costs.

Photo: Justin Lewis

Spring time hits Ilulissat Greenland as the fisherman …


Photo of the day! - Arctic sled dogs are what they call ‘working animals’. Intensely disciplined and extremely hardworking, the dogs work for fresh seal meat and slumber on the ice. It is illegal to have an arctic dog south of the arctic circle. #70degreeswest #justinlewisphotography

Photo of the day! - An Inuit hunter peers into the distance while out hunting. His reindeer coat was hand stitched by his grandmother when he was a young man. Born in Qaanaaq Greenland, he has never left his home town along with many of the other 600 Inuit inhabitants.

Ice diving story

Photo of the Day! - Mt. Katahdin is Maine’s highest peak, measuring in at 5,268 feet high. It is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. After a rocky and windy trail, Chimney Pond sparkles as the mountain looms above you. Paradise!#70degreeswest #justinlewisphotography.