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List of Famous Cities on River Banks

<b>City</b><b>Country</b><b>River</b>AdelaideAustraliaTorrensAlexandriaEgyptNileAmsterdamNetherlandsAmstelAnkaraTurkeyKizilAllahabadIndiaConfluence of Ganga, Yamuna & …


Acids, Bases and Salts

" Acids, Bases and Salts"<b><br>ACIDS:</b><br>These are sour in taste, turn blue litmus red and release H+ ions.According to <b>“Arrhenius”</b>, acids are the substance …

Alternative Medicine

Vitamins and their source of food . that we need for everyday life

<b>Vitamins</b><b></b><i><br>Vitamins are a group of compound, required in small quantity for controlling metabolism and body functioning</i>.<br>Vitamins are two types<i>- fat</i> …


Minerals and its importance for health

Study Notes of Science : "Minerals"<br>Minerals are inorganic substances that are found in<b> soils and rocks .</b>The body needs many minerals; these are …


Various Disease Caused By "Virus & Bacteria"

<b>Disease Caused by virus</b><b><br>Disease Caused by Bacteria</b><b></b>


Different Branches Of Science

<b>Here is the list of different branches and their concerned field of Science."</b>


Digestive System

Digestive System<br>Humans, like all animals, use <b>holozoic nutrition(Humans, like all animals, use holozoic nutrition(is a type of heterotrophic nutrition</b> …


Role of Digestive Enzymes and Gastrointestinal Hormones

Role of Digestive Enzymes and Gastrointestinal Hormones<br>Food acts as a source of energy for human beings. It consists of major components like …


Digestive Disorder

The human digestive system, also known as <b>gastrointestinal (GI) tract or “gut,”</b> is made up of the <b>esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large</b> …


Components of Blood

<b></b><b> <br>Blood:</b> <b><br>Blood is a tissue.An adult has a blood volume of approximately 5 liters.</b> •Blood is the only tissue that exists in both the liquid and solid …

The City

Heart Disease , Symptoms and Treatment

<b>CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE</b><b></b><b><br>Coronary artery disease (CAD)</b> is the most common type of heart disease.CAD happens <b>when the arteries that supply blood to heart</b> …

Medical Research

Human Circulatory System

<b>The human circulatory system functions to transport blood and oxygen from the lungs to the various tissues of the body</b>. The heart pumps the blood …


Hormones in Animals

Chemical substances are released directly into the nearby <b>blood lymph vessels</b>, from where they are carried to various organs where the exert their …


letter 6

• Write a Formal Letter to your Municipal Corporation in about 300 words complaining about the state of roads in your area and the lack of street …


letter 5

Formal Letter to Health Officer Kamolar<br>Jaipur<br>Rajasthan-302654 27 June 2017, Medical Officer,Civil Lines, <br>Jaipur - 302654 Subject: Opening a medical …


letter 4

-------------------------<br>Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper condemning wide spread corruption and decline of moral values amongst public …


letter 3

You are Meena living at House Number 45 ,304-Anand Colony, Preet Vihar, New Delhi. Write an Informal letter to your elder brother Rajeev,asking him …


letter writing 2

HEALTH IN SRINAGARNumber of yoga & health clubs1999520%200910 • Effects on health if misused <br>• Waste of money and time<br>DB-10 Rajeshwar Residency-IIHarni …


letter writing 1

Write a letter to the President, Residents' welfare Association of your locality suggesting some measures that could be taken for solving the problem …


Chemistry Test - 4

1.<p>a<p>Eutrophication<p>b<p>Hardness<p>c<p>Alkalinity<p>d<p>Acidity<p>Explanation:<p>Subject:<p>GENERAL SCIENCE<p>45.45% users answered right<p>Correct Answer: a<p>Comment · 0 ·<p>2.<p>a<p>100 …


Chemistry Test - 3

1.<p>a<p>O3 layer<p>b<p>O2 layer<p>c<p>SO2 layer<p>d<p>CO2 layer<p>Explanation:<p>Subject:<p>GENERAL SCIENCE<p>83.33% users answered right<p>Correct Answer: a<p>Comment · 0 ·<p>2.<p>a<p>limestone and …

Genetic Engineering

Chemistry Test - 2

• Subject: Correct Answer: dComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: dComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: cComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: …


Chemistry Test - 1

• Subject: Correct Answer: aComment · 1 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: aComment · 6 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: bComment · 2 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: …


Physics Test - 3

• Subject: Correct Answer: bComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: aComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: cComment · 0 · <br>• Subject: Correct Answer: …


Physics Test - 1

• Subject: <br>Correct Answer: a<br>Comment · 3 · <br>• Subject: <br>Correct Answer: a<br>Comment · 1 · <br>• Subject: <br>Correct Answer: c<br>Comment · 2 · <br>• Subject: <br>Correct Answer: …