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獅子座大豐收!2015年,12星座工作運勢預測 (工作運勢,工作運,大豐,台全,掌握度,地雷區,運勢,獅子,大豐,12星座,工作運勢,...) - 職場力 - 職場修練 - 上班好星情 - 商業周刊

股神加碼「這三檔」股票!有明牌,巴菲特公布最新一季持股 (股神,加碼,股票,明牌,巴非特 股票,...) - 財經 - 投資焦點 - 美股大贏家 - 商業周刊

房市冷,自住客出頭天》仲介的秒殺物件,你靠這3招就能搶贏投資客! (房市,自住,出頭天,仲介,仲介物件,仲介 物件,投資客名單,...) - 財經 - 地產風雲 - 跟著愛莉挑好房 - 商業周刊

身價上億的大戶,為何對區區190萬的獲利如此驚喜? (儲蓄型保單,寶來投信,未上市盤商,未上市盤,保單,未上市股,盤商,身價,大戶,獲利,投資,...) - 財經 - 個人理財 - 大咖投資日記 - 商業周刊

諾貝爾獎得主、LED之父中村修二:LED照明將被取代! (科技,中村修二,led 中村,led droop,中村 led,...) - 財經 - 趨勢報導 - 日經科技報 - 商業周刊

一收到會議通知就按「接受」?治癒你「開會強迫症」的方法 (會議,通知,強迫症,工作,...) - 職場力 - 職場修練 - TEDxTaipei - 商業周刊

強力推薦!懷孕時嘴饞…吃這10種零食,健康又不怕胖 (孕婦零食,孕婦 零食,懷孕吃什麼,健康零食,孕婦吃什麼好,孕婦吃什麼,孕婦可以吃什麼,...) - 下班後 - 健康 - BabyHome寶貝家庭親子網 - 商業周刊

夢想一直沒實現?那是因為你只「想要」,而不「敢要」 (貴婦奈奈,圓神出版,凱特,心情很差,靈媒,善待自己,洗板,夢想,老師,讀書,凱特,...) - 職場力 - 心靈成長 - 暖心讀冊 - 商業周刊

糟!油價崩跌通縮就來了》還在聽經濟學家鬼扯?難怪你投資不賺錢 (油價崩,進場點,鐵礦砂,通縮,日幣貶值,礦砂,油價,油價崩,崩跌,通縮,經濟學家,通貨緊縮定義,經濟學定義,...) - 財經 - 產業動態 - 財經異言堂 - 商業周刊

工作3年,存到100萬!該怎麼做才能達成? (三年存一百萬,三年存100萬,3年100萬,如何存到100萬,百萬理財教室,3*100,100萬,...) - 財經 - 個人理財 - 股魚不看盤投資教室 - 商業周刊

終於盼到可以進場的「危機」啦!跟著大戶這樣做,趁俄羅斯大跌賺一筆 (急彈,盧布,成熟國,豬羊變色,垃圾債,商品市場,普丁,進場,危機,大戶,俄羅斯,...) - 財經 - 投資焦點 - 大咖投資日記 - 商業周刊

只有賈伯斯才辦得到!上天堂了還能取得141個專利 (賈伯斯,天堂,專利,...) - 財經 - 趨勢報導 - 科技報橘 - 商業周刊

本文獲科技報橘授權刊登,原文出處<p>《TO》導讀:「夠了~賈伯斯你別再來了!」想必這是常跟蘋果打專利戰的廠商內心的吶喊吧。像是這週二蘋果就靠著賈伯斯的「幫忙」贏得了反壟斷訴訟案。也因此在專利法庭上,有不少人感念即便賈伯斯離開了我們,但在這裡(專利場)他還活著。本文作者為 Antonio Regalado …

「其實,我要求的條件很普通....」這就是妳一直嫁不出去的原因 (嫁不出去,40歲嫁不出去,嫁不出去的女人,35歲嫁不出去,嫁不出去的原因,30歲嫁不出去,...) - 職場力 - 心靈成長 - 非讀BOOK - 商業周刊


Why Are So Many Yahoo Directors So Old And Without Mobile Or Internet Experience?

[Author was long YHOO and BABA at the time of writing]<p>Yahoo is an iconic Internet pioneer going through a dramatic turnaround headed by 39 year old first-time CEO Marissa Mayer.<p>It’s now been 2.5 years since Mayer took over and the results so far – in my view – have been pretty underwhelming, …

9 Stocks to Make You Rich

Investors dream of owning stocks that will make them rich—companies with game-changing technology, a miracle drug or a service that will prove so …

30 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in the New Year

Coming up with extra cash to pay the bills, cover unexpected expenses, boost savings or perhaps even finance a vacation isn’t as hard as it seems. …

21 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read

We asked wildly successful entrepreneurs and VCs, including Mark Cuban and Peter Thiel, for their top book recommendation. Here's what they said.<p><i>Bianca Male, Aimee Groth, and Alison Griswold contributed to this article.</i>

Every 25-Year-Old In America Should See This Chart

Today, it's increasingly become the responsibility of the worker to put money away for retirement in the form of a 401(k) plan or an IRA — that is, a defined-contribution plan.<p>The goal of this post is not to explain the mechanics of retirement plans. Rather, we want to show you the importance of …

Not Just The Usual Suspects

Love em or hate em, oil and natural gas companies keep the world running, and will for many years to come. The following 2012 ranking of the world's biggest is based on the combined volumes of oil and natural gas that these companies produce each day. You'll see one individual (arguably the oil …

Natural Gas

10 Hot Markets To Watch In 2015

With the final days of 2014 approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the new year. You could be like me and resolve to experience lots of new things, like taking improv classes, getting a pet, and visiting Australia … or you could be looking to make a big life change, like relocating to a …

Technology firms

In December 15 years ago the dotcom crash was a few weeks away. Veterans of that fiasco may notice some familiar warning signs this festive season.<p>Bankers and lawyers are being priced out of office space in downtown San Francisco; all of the space in eight tower blocks being built has been taken by …

I work at Sony Pictures. This is what it was like after we got hacked.

An employee* in the Los Angeles office of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SNE) opened up to <i>Fortune</i> about the personal ordeal they went through following …

Using the Galaxy S 5 to learn more about the Galaxy Note 10.1. That’s lynda.com.

蘋果要用?三星證實已開始生產14nm FinFET晶片 - 新聞 - 財經知識庫