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This tip will save you hours of color matching in photoshop

Here is a quick little tip that can save you hours and hours of color matching in photoshop. Surprisingly, it does not involve reviewing real colors …


New LEE Reverse ND Filters ‘Do the Job Properly’

Sunrises and sunsets can be a difficult time for any photographer. There is a mix of different exposures, from the Sun to the sky, and the foreground …

Landscape Photography

This Audi Ad Was Shot Using 1/43 Scale Models and a Homemade Desert

Most car commercials involve big budgets, test drivers, and excursions to exotic far-away lands—unless, of course, you hire miniature photography …

Photos of the forgotten teenagers of Thatcher's Britain

Extraordinary photos taken by working-class photographer Tish Murtha (1956–2013) almost 40 years ago show the startling effects of mass youth unemployment in some of the most deprived areas of Britain. As Thatcher’s new government policies began to take hold, the North of England was badly affected … is coming soon

Gritty Street Photos of Tokyo in the 70s and 80s

"When the last trains in Tokyo are gone, along with the businessmen and women, students, and the workers of restaurants and bars, Tokyo is deserted, and the 'other face of Tokyo' emerges," writes photographer Masatoshi Naito about his photo book.<p><i>All photos by Masatoshi Naito, courtesy of Super Labo.</i><p>…

Photographer Philipp Rupprecht Shoots the Porsche 918 Spyder Hypercar in a Locomotive Hall

Cars are beautiful pieces of machinery, some more so than others. Photographer Philipp Rupprecht came across a chance to shoot a Porsche 918 Spyder …

Photographer Gregory Crewdson and his eerie rooms of gloom

Carefully staged, the American photographer’s film-like scenarios in Cathedral of the Pines depict pensive women in banal yet strangely uncanny scenarios<p>“One great thing about photography is that it kind of hovers between everything. It’s really easy to reach out to other mediums and have …


Wacom Global

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Computer Hardware

Sensual and Romantic Photography

Très sensible au charme et aux courbes des femmes, le photographe Tim Wu nous livre de sublimes portraits de jeunes femmes évoluant dans un univers …


H&M New Autumn Collection

Grab A Hot Coffee, These Photography Links Will Keep You Busy

This week's list of links is hand curated by Toad Hollow Photography and features links to tutorials, special features and great photography. The …

Incredible Fine Art Portraits by Vinicius Terranova

<b>Vinicius Terranova</b> is a talented 26-year-old photographer, artist and creative director, who was raised in Switzerland and currently based in Sao …

Tine - Rio Olympics 2016 - vignettes

IKEA - Let's Relax

Glitch Portraits Paintings by Andy Denzler

The painter Andy Denzler paints portraits of women and men with a glitch effect which looks like a breakdown television screen or a glitch on a …

McDonald's - Time After Time

Affinity teases its impressive Photoshop competitor running on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Adobe appears to have a chokehold on the creative software market. But, as history has proven, all giants must fall and there are plenty of other, …

These eye-tracking heatmaps reveal why Instagram's new icon could actually be a huge improvement

This happened when Instagram changed its app icon at the start of May. The flatter, more abstract design was described by Adweek as possibly " one of the biggest design fails of the year ."<p>But the industry trade title was wrong, according to new analysis from Dragonfly , a design-analysis app …

Graphic Design

16 Rarely Seen Portraits of David Bowie

Iconic and haunting images of the legend.<p>When David Bowie passed away earlier this year, the world lost a visionary artist. In tribute to his memory, photographer Markus Klinko is sharing previously unseen images he made of the pop culture icon for his new exhibit, <i>Bowie Unseen</i>, currently in …

クロレッツミントタブCM「都会」篇 |クロタブ スッキリCM国民投票 人間vs人工知能

Ads of the World™

KFC's Hot & Spicy Campaign<p>Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong<p>Highlight<p>New Play-Doh Outdoor Campaign<p>Advertising Agency: DDB, Colombia<p>2018 …

Leo Burnett Party / Through Google Glass

Dj Khaled Shares A Kiss With Naomi Campbell! (Apple Music Commercial)

Fresh Garden, by WMcCann to Zona Sul Supermarket