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Chasing Lightning: Landscape Photography Tutorial

July 2nd, 2015 – The weather was forecast to be dreadful. Warm and sweaty and with a chance of tornadoes. All geared up, I leapt at the chance to see …

Landscape Photography

Behind the Photo: Using Water Droplets to Create an Intriguing Portrait

Ever see a photo and wonder how the photographer achieved that look, but then think, <i>I wouldn’t even know where to start</i>? Well, it’s often not as hard …


6 Photography Tips for Making Puddles Look Epic

Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time to dust off your camera and head back outdoors. Don’t let April showers keep you from taking photos! …


Macro Photography: 4 Tutorials Full of Tips & Tricks

Photography can show us a new perspective of the world, and no genre does this better than macro photography. If you’re new to macro photography, it …


23 Photos of Adorable Animal Brothers & Sisters

Babies and animals can be tricky subjects to photograph, so imagine the challenge of photographing baby animals. We have to hand it to the wildlife …


5 Tips to Stage a Room for the Perfect Portrait Session

Finding the perfect location for a photo shoot can be tricky. Budget constraints, lighting issues, and space can complicate the selection process and …

Interior Design

4 Fantastic Portrait Tutorials: Tips & Tricks for Better Photos

Learning to photograph people is a rite of passage for any photographer. When it comes to portrait photography, there’s so much to consider: …

Portrait Photography

Mescid-i Came...

"Pomeriggio di Giugno"


It's quiet down there

Simple Breakfast

Blinded by the lights ~ It rained all night

Gold Allure

open faced avocado sandwiches.

Night photography



Fog Hero

Catch the Wind

Giraffes on the plain before Mount Kenya


Poached egg with spicy beans and tomatoes.