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DIY Paint Roller Creates Instant Rainbows, Inspired By ‘Nyan Cat’ Meme

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The rainbow trail left behind by famous internet meme, the ‘Nyan Cat’, was what inspired Antzy …


Stewart Platform Ball Bearing Balancer

For their Mechanical Engineering senior design project at San Jose State University, [Tyler Kroymann] and [Robert Dee] designed and built a racing …


Hurl Wiffle Balls At 50 MPH--With A Leaf Blower

Fast-paced fun

Update: We made a video to demonstrate how to build a wiffle ball pitcher; watch it here.

At this year’s Labor Day picnic, don’t yawn through another game of Wiffle ball. Instead, transform the low-key sport into a battle of batter versus machine. With only cheap plumbing supplies and …

Power Tools

DIY Shape-Shifting Lamp That You Can Flip, Swirl And Arrange However You Want

This stacked lamp was inspired by a very expensive designer lamp I found online (it was 650 euros), I decided to make my own using free software, …


Design Your Own Cardboard Pinball Machine

If we’re being honest, there are only two classes of dioramas that get made in school: embarrassingly bad; and the too-perfect dioramas secretly made by parents. The great equalizer between these two types of dioramas is that they’re both equally boring.

Do you know what’s exciting? Pinball!

Combine …


[gif] Homeless Vending Machine

Mach dein Fahrrad soundtechnisch zur Rennmaschine

Lass uns eine Zeitreise in deine Jugend machen. Nach der Schule hast du immer im Bushäuschen auf den Bus oder – schlimmer noch – auf deine Mutti …

Kinetic Sand: A Magical Interactive Glass Sphere Installation

Here’s a tantelizing preview clip of Kinetic Sand, an interactive table that responds to touch by creating plumes of sand that seem to whirl and …


Hydrogen-Oxygen Bottle Rocket

Make: Projects

Use electricity to split tap water into hydrogen and oxygen gases, then use this explosive gas mixture to power a two-stage, electronically timed rocket.

Air-powered water rockets are easy to build and the fuel is free, but do you want to push the envelope? How about a two-stage water …


New Construction Kits Incorporate 3D Printing

3D Printing

A major 3D printer maker and an educational game designer are teaming up to deliver a construction kit designed to help young children …


Simple Machines by Tinybop

• By: Tinybop Inc.

Explore the playful side of STEM! Experiment with six simple machines, discover how they work, and investigate the invisible forces …

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Australian Maker Creates Amazing 3D Printed Water Rocket Launching & Parachute System

If there was one thing that 3D printing has really opened the door for, it is the ability for everyday, ordinary people like you and me to innovate, …

3D Printing

Ridiculous Mechanism Punches 3D Prints off Your Printer

There have been multiple solutions to the problem of automatically removing 3D prints from your 3D printers’ build platform — from Makerbot’s patented Automated Build Platform to Ultimaker’s script to bump the prints off after they are complete.

Now MatterHackers have made a little video of the best …

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig 'Elektrotechnique'

Scenes from Friday at Maker Faire

For the first time ever, Maker Faire Bay Area started on Friday this year, and it was fantastic — hundreds of makers showing their stuff for thousands of lucky kids. Check out the photo gallery here for just a small preview of what you’ll see this weekend at Maker Faire.

We call it …

Build an Impressive Little Air-Powered Toy Car

Young maker “CrazyPT” has a bunch of really cool toy building projects on his YouTube channel. Here, he creates a really fun little air-powered car out of little more than a plastic bottle, some bottle caps, plastic straws, wooden skewers, and a motor scavenged from a dead CD drive.

Gareth …

Die Matratze fürs Auto: Gemütlich schlummern auf der Rückbank

Glaubt man Hollywood-Teeniekomödien, passiert auf Rückbänken von Autos so einiges. Doch bequem ist es in der Horizontalen dort meistens nicht so …

MIT's Flatpack Furniture Assembles Itself In Seconds

The last time we checked in with MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, it was showing off video proof of a chair that assembles itself in water. Now, the team has …


A Clever Flip-Dot Display Uses Lego Brick Bitmaps


This Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Puts All Other Tables to Shame

It won't make you a better thrower, though

The beer pong table has a bright future. A Canadian man has created one that comes equipped with flashing LED lights, a built-in scorekeeper and a sanitary ball washer. That disgusting piece of plywood you played on in college shudders with …


Build a Cordless Drill Powered Go-Kart

Make: Projects

Build a go-kart powered by twin cordless drills that make it steer like a tank.

Educator and Make: author Gever Tulley helps kids build their own drill-powered go-karts at his Tinkering School in Montara, Calif., using small welded frames, bike parts, and cheap corded drills. We asked …


10 Fantastische Maschinen in einer GIF-Endlosschleife

Ihr wisst, dass uns GIFs immer wieder begeistern. Und dieser kanadische Grafikdesigner dürfte ein Meister der animierten Bildchen sein. Seht euch …

16 Horrifying Vintage Sex Toys

Guaranteed to cure your female hysteria.

1. This ~fancy~ 1950s vibrator was called the Niagara Hand Unit. Woooooo.

2. The Veedee vibrator helped cure colds, stomach ailments and … farts.

3. According to the instructions on the box, there wasn’t anything this vintage Veedee vibe couldn’t treat.

4. Oh …