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Pocket Hole Jigs, Radical Design Change #2

"The Convincer" Simulates a 5 MPH Car Crash

You don't need to wear a seat belt if you're traveling at a low speed, right? Wrong. The Convincer, a safety demonstration tool owned by the …

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DIY wooden toy boat

You don't have to take off this backpack to get your stuff!…

3D-printed machine sorts Skittles by colour

An Arduino-powered DIY project uses a colour sensor to automatically sort and separate Skittles.

What sort of Skittles eater are you? Do you like to …


Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger

Get a little extra out of your next ride with the Siva Atom Bicycle USB Charger. This clever gadget attaches to your rear hub, transferring your …


Mit den Boards von „Onean“ kann man auch ohne Wellen surfen

Der Autor

Hi - ich bin Carina, freiberufliche Designerin aus Berlin, liebe Streetarts, Digital Art, Musik und Instagram. Seit Februar 2011 schreibe …

14 Brilliant DIY Hacks To Make Your Life Easy!

#1 Clever use of trashed plastic bottles.

#2 You can make DIY water color paint from the waste dried markers.

#3 Reuse the empty carton of juice or …

Baseball Pitching Machine

Model Description

Baseball Pitching Machine use for training and for fun.1 color texture 4096 x 4096 and 1 Reflective Map

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3D Printed PCB Drill Press Allows Those on a Budget to Make Tools

If we get any better at designing the tools we need to build 3D printers and having those tools 3D printed, pretty soon we won’t need to do much more …


Shooting from the Hip with a 3D Printed Card Shooter

Not all 3D printed shooters are as controversial as Cody Wilson’s 3D printed firearm. One particular project that fits the bill is a card shooter …

3D Printing

DIY Paint Roller Creates Instant Rainbows, Inspired By ‘Nyan Cat’ Meme

The rainbow trail left behind by famous internet meme, the ‘Nyan Cat’, was what inspired Antzy Carmasaic to create the Rainbow Roller.

Instead of …


Stewart Platform Ball Bearing Balancer

For their Mechanical Engineering senior design project at San Jose State University, [Tyler Kroymann] and [Robert Dee] designed and built a racing …

Hurl Wiffle Balls At 50 MPH--With A Leaf Blower

Fast-paced fun

Update: We made a video to demonstrate how to build a wiffle ball pitcher; watch it here.

At this year’s Labor Day picnic, don’t yawn through another game of Wiffle ball. Instead, transform the low-key sport into a battle of batter versus machine. With only cheap plumbing supplies and …

DIY Shape-Shifting Lamp That You Can Flip, Swirl And Arrange However You Want

This stacked lamp was inspired by a very expensive designer lamp I found online (it was 650 euros), I decided to make my own using free software, …


Design Your Own Cardboard Pinball Machine

If we’re being honest, there are only two classes of dioramas that get made in school: embarrassingly bad; and the too-perfect dioramas secretly made by parents. The great equalizer between these two types of dioramas is that they’re both equally boring.

Do you know what’s exciting? Pinball!

Combine …

[gif] Homeless Vending Machine

Mach dein Fahrrad soundtechnisch zur Rennmaschine

Lass uns eine Zeitreise in deine Jugend machen. Nach der Schule hast du immer im Bushäuschen auf den Bus oder – schlimmer noch – auf deine Mutti …

Kinetic Sand: A Magical Interactive Glass Sphere Installation

Here’s a tantelizing preview clip of Kinetic Sand, an interactive table that responds to touch by creating plumes of sand that seem to whirl and …


Hydrogen-Oxygen Bottle Rocket

Step #1: Prepare the gas generator.

Cut the handles off the strainers.
• Using a nail, separate the mesh at the top of each strainer just enough to make room for the bolt.
• Place a washer on a bolt and pass it through the hole in the strainer. Place a second washer on the bolt, wrap a heavy-gauge wire …


New Construction Kits Incorporate 3D Printing

A major 3D printer maker and an educational game designer are teaming up to deliver a construction kit designed to help young children develop an …

3D Printing

Simple Machines by Tinybop

• By: Tinybop Inc.

Explore the playful side of physics! Experiment with six simple machines, discover how they work, and investigate the invisible …

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