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Scenes from Friday at Maker Faire

For the first time ever, Maker Faire Bay Area started on Friday this year, and it was fantastic — hundreds of makers showing their stuff for thousands of lucky kids. Check out the photo gallery here for just a small preview of what you’ll see this weekend at Maker Faire.

We call it …


Build an Impressive Little Air-Powered Toy Car

Young maker “CrazyPT” has a bunch of really cool toy building projects on his YouTube channel. Here, he creates a really fun little air-powered car out of little more than a plastic bottle, some bottle caps, plastic straws, wooden skewers, and a motor scavenged from a dead CD drive.

Gareth …


Die Matratze fürs Auto: Gemütlich schlummern auf der Rückbank

Glaubt man Hollywood-Teeniekomödien, passiert auf Rückbänken von Autos so einiges. Doch bequem ist es in der Horizontalen dort meistens nicht so …

MIT's Flatpack Furniture Assembles Itself In Seconds


A Clever Flip-Dot Display Uses Lego Brick Bitmaps


This Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Puts All Other Tables to Shame

It won't make you a better thrower, though

The beer pong table has a bright future. A Canadian man has created one that comes equipped with flashing LED lights, a built-in scorekeeper and a sanitary ball washer. That disgusting piece of plywood you played on in college shudders with …


Build a Cordless Drill Powered Go-Kart

Make: Projects

Build a go-kart powered by twin cordless drills that make it steer like a tank.

Educator and Make: author Gever Tulley helps kids build their own drill-powered go-karts at his Tinkering School in Montara, Calif., using small welded frames, bike parts, and cheap corded drills. We asked …


10 Fantastische Maschinen in einer GIF-Endlosschleife - GIZMODO DE

Ihr wisst, dass uns GIFs immer wieder begeistern. Und dieser kanadische Grafikdesigner dürfte ein Meister der animierten Bildchen sein. Seht euch …

16 Horrifying Vintage Sex Toys

Guaranteed to cure your female hysteria.

1. This ~fancy~ 1950s vibrator was called the Niagara Hand Unit. Woooooo.

2. The Veedee vibrator helped cure colds, stomach ailments and … farts.

3. According to the instructions on the box, there wasn’t anything this vintage Veedee vibe couldn’t treat.

4. Oh …


Arduino-Compatible 4-in-1 DrawBot Decorates Walls, Floors, Eggs, and More

Makeblock, a Shenzhen-based open source hardware company, has raised almost double their goal on their Kickstarter campaign for the mDrawBot, a 4-in-1 drawing robot kit that can be assembled into 4 different drawing robots: mScara, mCar, mSpider and mEggBot.

The four different configurations give …


Technologien, die längst "in zwei Jahren Realität" gewesen sein wollen [Galerie] - GIZMODO DE

Es ist beinahe so weit! Fliegende Autos! Jetpacks! Hoverboards! So wurde es zumindest in den vergangenen Jahren immer wieder versprochen. Immer und …

18 DIY Made of Old Tires you must see - Architecture & Engineering

Do you happen to have a bunch of tires lying around? And you say you don’t have any use for them anymore? Repurposing is an essential component to …

German Engineer 3D Prints World’s First Solar Powered Stirling Engine

Each and every day, I am blown away in yet another way by all of the new innovations that have quickly been coming into existence within the 3D …


18-year-old builds one-man DIY submarine out of a drainpipe

Beckerman is inventing and engineering gadgets and gizmos at a time when many of us were just getting our driver’s licenses. He built a “Cleaning …

The Planet – Der Plattenspieler aus Lego

Gibt es noch irgendwas, was sich noch nicht irgendjemand aus Lego gebaut hat? Wahrscheinlich nicht. Das hier ist der Plattenspieler von Hayarobi aus …

Convert Your Front Door Lock to an NFC System Using a Qduino Mini

Quin Etnyre, who goes by Qtechknow, is a 14-year-old maker and electronics enthusiast who claims as major interests Arduino, 3D printing, and …

Computer Hardware

Arduino Powered Beer Bottle Opener

A lot of people will enjoy the luxury of being able to have a beer at home, on your couch, while watching your favourite sport on the TV. However, …


Save Time And Water With This DIY Automatic Shower Timer

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower, this DIY setup starts a timer automatically as soon as you close the door.

If …

Clear your driveway with this super cool 3D printed RC snow blower

Winter weather can be dangerous, but is mostly just annoying. And I’m not just talking about the cold, the slippery roads, the traffic jams, the …


The Wheel from This Guy Keeps on Turning

Mobile bands (not the cellular kind) playing while on the go are nothing new. In fact, there was a festival (Streetcar Mobile Music Fest) in Portland, Oregon back in October of last year, where different bands played on street cars that traveled all over the city. While that may have been mobile, …

Portland, OR

These Motorized Skates from 1906 Have Tiny Gasoline Engines

A 1906 issue of Scientific American examines motorized roller skates exhibited at that year's Paris Automobile Show. There were several models in …



デザイナー:Barbora Tobolova 【詳しくはこちら】

Automatischer Tellerwäscher aus dem 3D-Drucker

Der Student für Maschinenbau Filip Sjöö aus Schweden hat mit seinem 3D-Drucker eine Maschine gebaut, die beim Tellerwaschen hilft. Auch wenn es für …

Rapid Prototyping? Yeah, There’s a Marketplace for That.

Whether working with a shop, a local supplier or a company you think operates out of the Southern Guangdong province, there’s always a need to find a …

Rapid Prototyping

Design Fail, 19th-Century Edition: 18 Patents That Didn’t Change The World

Enough about world-changing designs. Here, drawings of 18 crackpot ideas, from fake leeches to walking stick guns, that never quite made it.

A walking stick that doubles as a rifle. An artificial leech. A cravat that conceals spikes to protect its wearer from being strangled. A corset with …

Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits

Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kitsby TeachThought StaffBeing a relatively new concept, the definition of Maker Ed isn’t exactly set in stone, …


KeyMe la app que te permite sacar un duplicado de una llave solo con una foto

Existen apps que buscan hacernos la vida más fácil o socorrernos en situaciones complicados. Tal es el caso de KeyMe, una aplicación que permite a …