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Sled Legs, A Unique Pair Snow Sleds That Attach to the Front of Each Leg to Slide Down Hills

Sled Legs are a unique pair of snow sleds that attach to the front each leg to slide down hills. They are currently raising money to produce Sled …


This Transforming Imperial Shuttle Drone Looks Like an Actual Scene From Star Wars

Turning quadcopters into vehicles from the Star Wars universe isn’t new: Everything from TIE Fighters, to the Falcon, to even R2-D2have taken flight. …

Star Wars

This Lego Paper Airplane Factory Is Wonderfully Over-Complicated

We’ve covered Arthur Sacek’s brilliant Lego creations before, but none have been as wonderfully complicated as this machine that turns a single piece …


Diese Toilette lädt Handys mit Exkrementen

Britische Forscher haben eine selbsterhaltende Nanomembran-Toilette entwickelt, die aus Exkrementen reines Wasser, Gas und elektrischen Strom gewinnen kann. Die Toilette nutzt dazu eine Nanomembran, die Wasserdampf und Feststoff voneinander trennt.

Das Wasser kann wiederverwendet werden (es ist …

Do Not Watch This Slo-Mo Video of a Dude Sticking His Tongue in a Mouse Trap

Everything is usually way cooler in slow-motion. An amazing football catch, a kick-ass movie fight scene, a gravity-defying skateboard trick—but …

Mouse Trap

Watch 540 robots ring in the Chinese New Year

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with 540 dancing robots and 29 drones?

The dancing robots appeared at China’s Spring Festival Gala …


iPotty - Die Kinder-Toilette mit Ipad-Halterung

Wow, ein Produkt, das die Aufzucht von Kindern revolutionieren könnte.
Ich muss allerdings Punkte in der B-Note abziehen, weil Papas Hintern nicht …

The waterless toilet that turns your poo into power

Human excrement is rife with pathogens, “odorant volatiles” (the chemicals that make it smell) and parasites, but it has something going for it: it’s about 75% water. What’s more, water is the smallest of all its component molecules.

It’s these qualities of our faecal matter that got researchers at …


Anleitung: So baut man sich Mecha-Flügel aus Lego (Video)

SciFi-Modemacherin Anouk Wipprecht (Motto: What does fashion lack? Microcontrollers!) hat ein Tutorial erstellt, in dem sie Schritt für Schritt erklärt, wie man sich mit Lego Mindstorms mangaartige Mechatronik-Flügel baut, die sich natürlich ferngesteuert bewegen. Die Anleitung für die Mechatronic

2,6 Schuss pro Sekunde: Das DIY-Schneeball-Maschinengewehr

Bastelkellerprofi Mark Rober hat einen automatischen Schneeballwerfer ausgetüftelt, der die handelsüblichen Spielzeuge alt aussehen lässt: Das Ding wird von einem Laubbläser angetrieben, besteht darüber hinaus eigentlich nur aus handelsüblichen Abflussrohren und kann sagenhafte 13 Bälle in 5 …

This virtual reality porn video game controller looks terrifying

IndiegogoWith virtual reality seemingly on the verge of mainstream acceptance, it’s an exciting time to be an innovator in the porn industry.Did I …

Virtual Reality

Riciclo molto ma molto creativo 😁

LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3d objects

DIY-Wurfmaschine bläst Frisbees mit 99,9 km/h in die Landschaft

Der Tüftler La Fabrique DIY hat eine Frisbee-Wurfmaschine konstruiert, die eine Bohrmaschine als Antrieb und einen Fahrrad-Vorderreifen als Frisbee-Greifer/Beschleuniger nutzt, ansonsten besteht der Apparat fast vollständig aus Holz. Die DIY-Wurfmaschine ist höhenverstellbar und schießt Frisbees mit …

Stupid Patent of the Month: A Drink Mixer Attacks the Internet of Things

Imagine if the inventor of the Segway claimed to own “any thing that moves in response to human commands.” Or if the inventor of the telegraph …

Internet of Things

Toronto café serves up some light therapy to battle winter blues

Brioche Dorée, a downtown Toronto café, is offering a little extra pick-me-up with your morning coffee — a dose of artificial sunshine.

On Blue Monday …


Transparent Canoe Offers Incredible Views of the Ocean Below

If you’ve ever wanted to cruise the ocean in a glass-bottom boat, then consider this transparent canoe/kayak as another fun, unconventional option. The site Hammacher Schlemmer recently started selling the clear polymer hull that seats two people and supports up to 425 pounds of weight. As you …


Folding Paper Microscope Costs Less Than $1 But Provides A 2,000x Magnification (video)

A folding paper microscope has been developed that costs less than a dollar to make and can be printed onto a sheet of paper which is then folded and …


Things Japan Has That We All Need

Japan is full of cool and innovative stuff, and they've been making some of the coolest stuff on the planet since well before their ports were open …


These Sculptures Make Stone Look Downright Squishy

on January 20, 2016 | Follow @BenjaminStarr

You can get “stuck between a rock and a hard place” and something can be “rock hard” but Galician sculptor


TurbineOne - Basic Wind Turbine That Anyone Can Make

This is my first working practical wind turbine. I really love green projects and renewable energy stuff. Last year I 've made a small modification …


See-Through Toaster Can Help Save Your Bread Before It Burns

Designer James Stumpf has reimagined a standard kitchen appliance as something that’s both unconventional and beautiful. His updated concept transforms the everyday toaster from a plain metal box into a sleek and transparent, bent-bamboo structure. The device cleverly uses quick-cooling coils …

These anti-terror suits are too crazy to be real (because they're not)

A political prankster highlighted what he believes is Europe's flawed approach to terrorism — using a blow-up suit.

The mustachioed man, a self-described defense and security consultant, presented for nearly 30 minutes at the European Parliament and fielded questions from an audience that included …

European Parliament

Make Yourself a Working Thermometer Scarf That Actually Shows the Temperature

Feeling extra-confident in your crafting skills after knitting yourself a pair of Netflix-pausing socks? Take your newfound skills to the next level …


Make Your Own 3D-Printed Zoetropes with This DIY Kit

Images via

Mesmerizing zoetropes are whirling their way to a 3D printer near you, thanks to this new DIY kit designed by VFX artist and Eyeland Arts founder, Alexandrovich Friderici. “I wanted everyone to enjoy (animation) with their own eyes without any special equipment or (without it being) too …