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When you lose your best friend in an empty dinosaur park and find her reading up in the mouth of a T-Rex...be still my heart 😍


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Storm or no storm, well definitely iced tea because it's hot today (28C) ⛅️🍹#nyc #newyork #skyline #manhattan #oneworldtrade #onewtc #hudsonriver #dunkindonuts #icedtea #francaisauxusa #what_i_saw_in_nyc #iloveny #ig_nycity #ig_nyc

Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo I made this image only a couple hours after losing a bag full of my best camera equipment off of a cliff in Zion National Park. Only one lens and camera body survived, but just enough to to finish my work in the park.... This view from the Canyon Overlook Trail cheered me up as I waited into the night taking in the power of Zion and watching the crowds disappear into the lower canyon. Happy #earthday everyone! We are very lucky to have a brilliant National Park system in the US which protects and simultaneously provides access to some of our finest Natural environments. #natgeoearthday Next week I'll be in Haleakala National Park on Maui. If you are a millennial under 30 years old and planning a trip to the park next week, let me know about it at @arni_coraldo . I'll be photographing millennials in Haleakala for an upcoming story in the Dec 2016 issue of @natgeo #zion #zionnationalpark #utah #roadtrip #nature #landscape #night #traffic #instagood #photooftheday #instagram #nationalpark

Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). In Delhi, a boy combs the bottom of the Yamuna, one of India's holiest rivers, with his feet, looking for religious items tossed in from a bridge above. The objects, ranging from coins to small metal statues, can then be given to recycling shops for money. Because of the extreme level of pollution, authorities have instructed people not to wash their animals in the river. The stretch of the Yamuna that flows through Delhi makes up only 2 percent of its entire length, but accounts for 80 percent of the river’s pollution. An estimated 4,000 million litres per day of raw untreated sewage (domestic and industrial) are directly disposed in the Yamuna river every day. The smell is unbearable. According to the Central Water Commission, the level of Biological Oxygen demand in the Yamuna is 55 mg/L, as compared to the permissible 2mg/L that is necessary to break down organic matter. Currently, 50% of the underground water sources in the Indo-Gangetic plains (home to over 500 Million people) is contaminated. The toxic black water flows first into the Ganges, then into the ocean, eventually reaching all of us. Shot on assignment for @natgeo For full story, click the link in my profile @paleyphoto @natgeocreative @everydayclimatechange #waterpollution #environmentalcrisis #sunitanarain #wastemanagement #yamuna #pollutioninindia #swachhbharat #mycleanindia #makeinindia

After a snow storm, Afghan nomads bring their yak herd back. They rely on their animals for survival. "The Pamir mountains are one of the bleakest and least known corners of the world: remote, mysterious and, at one time, dubbed the third pole." a quote from a magnificent book, "Mountains of the Gods" by Ian Cameron (published 1984). This is an unpublished image from a 2013 story I shot for @natgeo about the Kyrgyz nomads of Afghanistan's remote Pamir mountains. More stories on @paleyphoto @natgeocreative #pamirmountains #Pamir #Afghanistan #nomads #snowylandscape #sky #survival #bicolorsky

The #PatrouilleSuisse #formationflying past the #Eiger #Grindelwald #Switzerland 2008

A cruise ship with roughly 700 passengers docks in #Havana, #Cuba, making history. The first cruise in decades to travel from the United States to Cuba docked in Havana Monday. Photo via @cubareporter

Pakistani youths cool off during hot weather on the outskirts of Islamabad on April 29, 2016. AFP Photo by Aamir Qureshi

In this rare sight, a double #moonbow curves above the base of Upper #YosemiteFalls at #Yosemite #NationalPark in #California. Photographer Nick Steinberg spent three days chasing moonbows, which are lunar rainbows that can be seen on many @yosemitenps #waterfalls during the full moon in spring and early summer. We’re glad he waited several hours to capture this stunning moment. Photo courtesy of Nick Steinberg (@nicholassteinbergphotography). #findyourpark #usinterior

Nyquist wins the 142nd Kentucky Derby. Photo by Heinz Kluetmeier #sportsillustrated #KyDerby #nyquist

90 days to go! #roadtorio @rio2016 😍

Photo @ladzinski / Hazy sunrise over smoke filled valleys of #GlacierNationalPark from nearby fires, some as far away as Washinton state. The ashy sky filling the park created an atmosphere and depth extenuating the complex landscape of the glacially carved terrain. Photo taken last October on assignment for an up and coming #climateChange story for @natgeo

Tasmania, Australia | May 11, 2016 Tasman Island. For the very top of the Blade rock formation. It was windy. Really really windy. I now know my limitations. Nuff said. #sonyalpha #tasmania #threecapes #discovertasmania #seeaustralia #threecapestrack

@kenenisabekele ran during an early-morning training session at high altitude in Entoto, Ethiopia. @kenenisabekele is an 11-time world cross-country champion, a 3-time Olympic gold medalist on the track, and the world-record holder at 5,000 and 10,000 meters. He and a fellow Ethiopian, Haile Gebrselassie, are widely considered the greatest distance runners in history. Now, the physiologist Yannis Pitsiladis is trying to identify promising talent for an audacious plan: to use science to facilitate a sub-2-hour marathon by 2019, a decade or two sooner than many experts think. Yannis enlisted @kenenisabekele for his project. Through training and tests, he hopes to better understand what it might take for a runner — not necessarily @kenenisabekele — to make it. Visit the link in our profile to read about the scientist's quixotic quest. The photographer @urielsinai took this photo last September. #nytweekender

No caption needed. #soccerules⚽️

Streetart by @r_o_n_e in Havana, Cuba. #havana #cuba #music #health #education #streetphotography #streetart #environment #realestate #art #architecture #luxury #loves_habana #class #beauty #botl #fashion #vintagecars #fitness #dance #design #surrealism #cubasiempre #cubasiemprelibre

The Kazakhs of western Mongolia are nomads known for hunting with eagles. Each year, between February and April, about 200 families make a 90-mile trip across the Altai mountains for their spring migration. @timothy_allen is the first outsider to walk with them on this journey. Photo: Tim Allen/Barcroft

Photo by @gordonwiltsie A skier navigates below huge seracs & crevasses on the highest #icecap of the Cordillera Sarmiento range, one of the southern most fingers of the #Andes, #Chile. #cordillerasarmiento #mountaineering #expedition #nikon_photography

#Wednesday RG @rei via @mrsjbruce322

80 days to go. #RoadToRio @rio2016 🌞

Michael Phelps and his reflection digging for gold in London. Next up, Brazil. @m_phelps00 @olympics @olympics_2016_rio


三十而立,四十而不惑。邁入不惑之年,健康、家庭、工作、生活等各個方面其實都發生了一些細微的變化。有一位程式設計師在 Hacker News 上發了一則帖子,想諮詢一些關於人生職場的建議。有些網友的建議很正向,不過有些回覆簡直讓人絕望。 「Hacker News …



Inhabitant of the Alps

First Contact

Distant Wonderland