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First Image Of Tom Hanks As Walt Disney Is Revealed

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson on set of Saving Mr. Banks.

Unbelievable Footage Shows Oklahoma Tornado in the Process of Forming

Charles Cook happened to be in Newcastle, Oklahoma when yesterday's devastating tornado began to form, and managed to capture the entire thing on his …


What if Former Pop Stars Had Twitter During Their Prime?

The other day I was watching <i>Watch What Happens Live</i> with Andy Cohen on Bravo. The talk show is funny and generally pairs the most unlikely guests together. Recently, my personal favorites were Lil' Jon and Rachel Maddow. Anyway, on this particular day, the boy band (now man band) 98 Degrees was on. …

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Scientists have finally detected deep-space neutrinos. That and a dollar will get you a Snickers bar.

Scientists have finally detected deep-space neutrinos. That and a dollar will get you a Snickers bar.

'The Cabin in the Woods' Director in Talks to Make Sci-Fi Thriller 'The Martian' – /Film

<b>Drew Goddard</b>, who wrote <i>Cloverfield</i> and directed <i>The Cabin in the Woods</i>, has almost locked down a new directorial project. He is now in talks to make</b> …

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Roland Emmerich Hopes to Create a "Series" of 'Independence Day' Films; Jeff Goldblum Expected to Return – /Film

Fans have waited over 15 years for concrete news about a sequel to the 1996 hit film <b>Independence Day.</b> A few months ago, we got some. Co-writers <b>Roland</b> …

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More Than 78,000 People Have Applied to Die on Mars

Mars One, the Dutch company that is looking for a few individuals with the "right stuff" (the "right stuff" being wanting to leave Earth and never, …


Now Is a Horrible Time To Buy a Laptop

So your trusty laptop is starting to show its age. No one can blame you for wanting a new one, but we've got just one piece of advice: <b>WAIT</b>. This is a …

Where Are They Now? The Original "Power Rangers"

It's been 20 years since the original "Power Rangers" cast made their television debut. 20 YEARS. Find out what they're all up to today.

Who Did It: Beyoncé Or Kim Jong-Un

The world-famous pop star and North Korea's supreme leader are harder to tell apart than you think.

Mars Rovers Enter Teen Years, Begin Drawing Penises on Everything

Ah, kids. They're born, they do some cute stuff and then they become obnoxious teenagers.<p>So goes for NASA technology, it appears. The twin Mars …

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas

Matt Lauer

And God so loved History Channel's The Bible that He decided it should also be a movie

Emboldened by his most successful creation since <i>VeggieTales</i> and the peacock, executive producer God is currently prepping a theatrical version of His …

Vanilla Ice is going Amish, finally

Having discovered a passion for original craftsmanship now that he’s no longer making music, Vanilla Ice will expand on his second life as a home …

'Legends Of Gaming': Jovenshire And More Are In A New Gaming Show, And It Looks Awesome

Gaming<p>Find out what the hottest game news, new game releases.<p>Pokémon Go<p>Sure, the game has quickly eaten society. But it's helping us see the world …

Man charged with trafficking 55 pounds of marijuana with a Pac-Man cabinet

A South Carolina man was arrested last week and charged with trafficking 55 pounds of marijuana using a <i>Pac-Man</i> arcade cabinet, according to a press release from the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office.<p>On Tuesday, April 16, federal officers and Sheriff's Office investigators arrested Luis Tyler after …

This Flow Chart Explains Time Travel In All Movies and Television – /Film

Who doesn’t love a good time travel movie? Not only are they fun to watch, they’re fun to discuss and dissect after the fact, evidenced by persistent …

Obake stretchy touchscreen concept lets you pinch, prod and pummel data

A 3D touchscreen display prototype that can be pinched, pulled, and pushed around might represent the future of digital interaction, allowing …

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