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John Oliver Just Debunked a Ton of Scientific Studies

From drinking too much coffee to eating chocolate during pregnancy

8 Surprising Reasons Young People May Suffer from Depression

A friend of mine approached me the other day in tears. The 9-year-old son of a close friend of hers tried to kill himself.<p>“He’s 9!!??!!” she said. …

Chesapeake Bay

Nasa releases recording of strange 'space music' heard by Apollo 10 astronauts

The astronauts heard the strange 'whistling sound' when they were orbiting the moon<p>When three astronauts orbiting the moon noticed a strange “whistling sound” in outer space, they thought they were imagining things.<p>In fact, the men were so perplexed they worried about whether or not they should …

11 Scientific Predictions About The Future That Are Seriously Crazy

The future is terrifying, but also kind of cool?

Andromeda Galaxy

Is your phone cooking your sperm?

They’ve been blamed for causing everything from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer, and now infertility. Here’s a look back at popular mobile phone health scares gone by …<p>Maybe it’s guilt about overusing them, maybe it’s the shadow of cigarettes, maybe it’s just technophobia. Whatever it is, it seems …

Alzheimer's Disease

21 Beautiful Plant Tattoos For Anyone Who Doesn't Like Flowers

This is a frangipani-free zone.


Extreme weather: 15 award-winning photos from around the world


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5 amazing creatures that are now extinct

The release of Jurassic World has reignited our love for palaeontology. Many of us share a longing to understand the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth long before we arrived. But palaeontology is a discipline much broader than this.<p>Dinosaurs dominated the land for 135 million years, but what happened …


What happens to our bodies after we die

The breakdown of our bodies after death can be fascinating – if you dare to delve into the details. Mo Costandi investigates.<p>“It might take a little bit of force to break this up,” says mortician Holly Williams, lifting John’s arm and gently bending it at the fingers, elbow and wrist. “Usually, the …