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Lightning at Sunset

7 Of America's Most Eerily Beautiful Lava Tubes

You can actually walk through the once-fiery depths of Mother Nature.<p>For most hikes, the destination -- whether it be the top of a dramatic cliff or the foot of a tall waterfall -- is the reward.<p>But then there are lava tube hikes, where passing through and exploring the mysterious and alluring …

A Lightning Bolt and Rainbow Captured in One Shot

Tucson, Arizona-based photography enthusiast Greg McCown recently managed to capture a shot of a lifetime. While shooting landscapes near the small …

Nachi Falls

तुलसी मानस मंदिर:- संगमरमर चट्टानों से बनाया गया एक आधुनिक मंदिर,वाराणसी के प्रसिद्ध दुर्गा मंदिर (दुर्गाकुंड) के निकट स्थित है । 1964 में निर्माण, भगवान राम को समर्पित है और मंदिर तुलसीदास जी को समर्पित है, मंदिर निर्माण शिखर शैली एक नमूना था और वाराणसी के एक परोपकारी परिवार द्वारा स्थापित किया गया था, मंदिर के दिवारों पर पूरा राम चरित मानस, तुलसीदास जी द्वारा महान कामों को प्रदर्शित करने के लिये कई शिलालेख के साथ सजी है..... "वाराणसी का तुलसी मानस मंदिर" जय श्री राम (jai kashi jai avinashi)

Père Lachaise

ये बनारस है

दिवाली पे बनारस आये सैलानियों से अनुरोध कि कुछ दिन रूक कर बनारस की देव-दिवाली का आनंद अवश्य लें व देवों द्वारा दिवाली मनाये जाने के साक्षी बनें। …

ये बनारस है

alll you lovely people :) Good night!!

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Georgia Strait on Fire

Watch The 'Mona Lisa' Morph Into 'American Gothic,' Pixel By Pixel

A coding forum organized a competition to see who could remix famous paintings using the color palettes of other iconic art.<p><i>Images via, via</i><p>A forum of 'code golfers'—programmers who create and solve creative programming puzzles for kicks—are using code to break classic art works down to their base …

Manchu Vishnu Fans

Latest News about that tiger incident from delhi zoo.... Forensic report came..Tiger was trying to Save that guy from stones thrown by those idiotic …

Mis nuevas mascotas Cata y Thor

Dil Hai Chotta Sa Chotti Si Asha

Dil Hai Chotta Sa Chotti Si Asha added a new photo — with Himanshu Dhalia and 36 others.

Sanjay Verma

Eight Brilliant Quotes From Famous people

Eight Brilliant Quotes From Famous people<br>Can Brighten Your<br>Life.<p>1. “Never play with the<br>feelings of others because you may win the<br>game but the risk<br>is that you will<br>surely lose the person for a life time.” –<br>Shakespeare.<br>2. “The world suffers a lot.<br>Not because of the violence of bad people.<br>But because of the<br>silence of good people.” – Napoleon.<br>3. “I am thankful to all those who said NO<br>to me. It’s because<br>of them I did it myself.” – Einstein.<br>4. “If friendship is your<br>weakest point then you are the …

Pacific Chorus Treefrog in Nepenthes Pitcher