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Tim Don: “The goal is to go to Kona”

<b>Tim Don doesn’t want dwell on his (frankly quite amazing) recovery from a near-fatal neck injury. Oh no. He has bigger fish to fry than that. Much</b> …


Swim start: what’s the best position to be in?

<b>First and foremost, the best position to start is the position that you’re most comfortable in. Regardless of anything else, if you’re not</b> …


Patrick Lange talks Kona run technique and racing Challenge GC

The Ironman world champion opens up on Javier Gomez going sub8hr in Hawaii and starting his season in the Canaries


14 ways to take the stress out of Ironman training

Check out your left calf. See an M-Dot? Nope? Then check out your right calf See one there? Nope? Well… Then chances are that either you’re a stealth …


What's better for you: meat or vegetable protein?

<b>The main differences between the protein in meat and plant foods are the range/amount of amino acids they contain and how well they’re digested.</b><p>Amino …


Tim Don back racing after breaking his neck

New film to chart Tim Dons recovery journey from a fractured neck to racing Boston Marathon


Running what are the advantages of interval training

Always running at one pace is a common mistake Ironman legend Mark Kleanthous explains why he recommends incorporating some highintensity interval …


What to do if your child is a talented triathlete

So your child has aspirations to be the next Brownlee Holland or Stanford We certainly have no shortage of role models in British Triathlon right now …


How much triathlon training should children do

Chris Maxwell head coach to the Chippenham Tristars provides some useful guidelines on how much triathlon training children should do taking into …


The best childrens triathlon clothing reviewed

Kids need sports kit just like the rest of us The trouble is kids triathlon kit is expensive and theyre likely to grow out of it in next to no time …


Triathlon training for kids

<b>Does your child have a favourite sport or are they an all-round sporting star? Do they always want to win, or is it the taking part that counts? If</b> …


Ali Brownlee wins Ironman 703 Liuzhou

After dominating from the start Ali Brownlee wins his second 703 of the year almost 4 minutes ahead of Craig Alexander in second place


What muscles do you use in front crawl

Swimming front crawl is a great lowimpact workout for the whole body Here are the key muscles it particularly targets


Run cadence how to improve yours to gain extra speed

Increasing your run cadence is a proven way of becoming a faster runner Biomechanical and run expert Ben Barwick of coaching outfit Full Potential …


A triathlete's guide to run cadence

<b>Most runners experience this question at some point – just how fast should your legs be working for maximum efficiency? Wonder no more, as two-time</b> …


Eight key skills for a faster and more efficient run

<b>Considering the importance the run has on the overall time and performance in a triathlon, it’s surprising that it’s often the most overlooked</b> …


How to reduce the risk of tarmac shock during run training

<b>Are you worried about picking up knee problems from running on hard surfaces? We explain what you can do to minimise the chances of injury and ensure</b> …


How to master the middle distance run leg

<b>Let’s be honest, most athletes ‘survive’ their Ironman marathon. Note I didn’t call it a run – there’s often plenty of walking and stopping and many</b> …


Explained – the best running posture for triathletes

<b>Working on your running posture is very important in preventing injury and can, over weeks and months, steadily improve your training consistency and</b> …


How to pace your run in a triathlon

<b>You’ll already be fatigued by the start of the run, so pacing in this leg can be difficult. But with much of the field slowing down, getting it right</b> …


Hill running vs. fartlek – which is better for time-poor triathletes?

<b>I only have limited time to train and something has to give! When it comes to running, I sometimes have to choose between doing a hill session or a</b> …


How long should you rest after a big training run?

<b>While there’s no definitive answer to how long you should back off, you should certainly think about taking two days off running – a swim or easy</b> …


Master the walk/run strategy to become a faster triathlete

<b>Are you struggling with injury? Lacking fitness? Ankles not as flexible as they once were? Then the walk/run strategy could actually make you a</b> …


Run technique & training: 9 common mistakes triathletes make

<b>One pace training</b><p>Conquering all three disciplines is by no means easy, which is why so many of us drift into one steady effort for everything be that …


19 triathlon running tips from Jamie Turner

<b>1 BU</b><b>ILDING BRICKS</b><p>You must remember that triathlon running isn’t the same as running. It’s important to know in our game how well you run subsequent …


10 common run problems and how to fix them

<b>1 Problem: A small decrease in performance</b><p><b>Symptoms</b> Generally fatiguing slightly earlier in a race.<p><b>Cure</b> Consume a sports drink. Even a small degree of …

Goal Setting

Best heart rate zones for running

<b>Ever noticed your heart rate is usually higher when running than on the bike? You're definitely in the majority of athletes, says 220 coach Joe …

Hung Up

How to gauge if youre running aerobically or anaerobically

Find it hard to control your run efforts and gauge whether you are running aerobically or anaerobically Rob Stewart explains all


Running barefoot how to get started

We sent 220s Editor to Vivobarefoot to find out more about barefoot running shoes and minimalist running technique


Why run speed work is important for endurance athletes

Speed work can give triathletes many tools to draw on on race day says international endurance runner and coach Shaun Dixon Here he explains why all …