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Humans didn’t outsmart the Neanderthals. We just outlasted them.

By the standards of the Paleolithic age, members of <i>Homo neanderthalensis</i> were the height of sophistication. These ancient hominins ranged across Europe and parts of Asia for more than 300,000 years, producing tools, jewelry and impressive cave creations. They cared for their sick and elderly. They …


How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America

The toll of history’s worst epidemic surpasses all the military deaths in World War I and World War II combined. And it may have begun in the United …

Public Health

The Lost Children of Tuam

Ireland wanted to forget. But the dead don’t always stay buried.


UC Berkeley Uses Optical Scanning to Recover Indigenous Voices from Wax Cylinders

Frances Densmore at the Smithsonian Institution in 1916 during a recording session with Blackfoot chief Mountain Chief for the Bureau of American …

Legacy Family Tree Webinars

What do you want to learn?<p>BCG<p>BCG<p>35 Classes<br>253 Syllabus Pages<p>Beginners<p>Beginners<p>6 Classes<br>28 Syllabus Pages<p>DNA<p>DNA<p>40 Classes<br>139 Syllabus Pages<p>FamilySearch<p>…


Southern African Ancestors Reveal That Modern Humans Emerged 350,000 Years Ago

N ew research supports prior findings that the Khoe and San groups of southern Africa, collectively referred to as the Khoe-San or Khoisan, represent …


DNA proves fearsome Viking warrior was a woman

High-ranking fighter was long assumed to be male


What Led Benjamin Franklin to Live Estranged From His Wife for Nearly Two Decades?

A stunning new theory suggests that a debate over the failed treatment of their son’s smallpox was the culprit<p>Comment on this Story


With a Simple DNA Test, Family Histories Are Rewritten

Bob Hutchinson’s mother told him and his siblings almost nothing about her family, no matter how often they asked. “She was good at brushing people off,” said Mr. Hutchinson, 60.<p>Growing up, there were no photos of his mother as a child in the home, or of her own parents. She said that she was an …


Join the world's most comprehensive DNA database!

Our advanced suite of DNA products and premium interactive tools are designed to help you find your genetic matches, connect more dots and trace your …


The Italian highlanders who may have Scottish roots

Gurro, northern Italy<p><b>Thousands of Italians emigrated to Scotland in the 20th Century, but it seems that 400 years earlier a group of Scots may have settled in a village in the Italian Alps. So local legend has it… And there are plenty of signs to suggest that maybe, just maybe, it's true.</b><p>High up in …



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July 4th

The New York Public Library Has a “Digital Time-Travel Service” for Its Historical Maps

The New York Public Library’s new NYC Space/Time Directory is imagined as a “digital time-travel service,” a two-year project engaging the library’s …

Europe's Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets

High-tech tools divulge new information about the mysterious and violent fates met by these corpses<p>Bog Borderlands<p>Comment on this Story


Remains of five 'lost' Archbishops of Canterbury found

<b>The remains of five Archbishops of Canterbury have been found beneath a medieval parish church next to Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury's official London residence.</b><p>Builders renovating the Garden Museum, housed at the deconsecrated church of St Mary-at-Lambeth, found a hidden crypt …


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From The Creepy To The Bizarre, Connecticut's Cache Of Odd Artifacts

When visitors go to a museum, they expect to see beautiful artworks and important artifacts. What they might not know is that for every gorgeous …


Irish Records | Discover Ancestors

Find the Irish ancestors who make you, you<p>Access the largest collection of Irish records online at Findmypast. Unique records from World War 1 and …


George Washington: A Descendant of Odin?

Yvonne Seale on a bizarre and fanciful piece of genealogical scholarship and what it tells us about identity in late 19th-century America.


A photo journey through the creation of America’s first subway system

The first subway car in Boston took its maiden voyage on September 1, 1897. Arriving at that momentous occasion took years of planning and …


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The World War II Collection

Easily search the Arizona Memorial Wall for names you know. Leave a <b>tribute, a story or photo</b> for any USS Arizona casualty.<p>Over <b>8.8 million pages</b> have …

Military History

The Library of Congress Is Putting Its Map Collection on the Map

A new partnership with the Digital Public Library of America will put three major LOC map collections online<p>Comment on this Story


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"We engaged Sherry Chapman at <i>1 Stop Genealogy</i> for research in connection with a missing heir case. Sherry quickly procured information and documents …

1 Stop Genealogy Solves Mysteries Of Lineage

1 Stop Genealogy owner Sherry Chapman said that the Coventry business grew from a personal passion.<p>"Many years ago, following my maternal …