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Texas suburb.

Penarth Pier, Wales


little kiss

Scientists Solve Mystery of How Hummingbirds Taste Sweetness

Changing Planet<p>A ruby-throated hummingbird feeds on mimosa flowers. Photograph by George Grall, National Geographic Creative<p><b>Hummingbirds feel the sweet lure of nectar, but they taste it in the most unexpected of ways.</b><p>This group of feathered friends doesn’t have a sweet taste receptor, which means …


(via 500px / Female resplendent quetzal. by Juan Carlos Vindas)

안개 속 시크릿가든, 태종사 수국정원 - 부산여행

△ 안개 속 시크릿가든, 태종사 수국정원. 2012 ⓒ 김사익<p>부산 영도 태종대유원지 내에 있는 태종사에서는 제9회 수국꽃 축제를 7월 5일부터 13일까지 40여년간 가꾼 각국의 수국 10여종 3,000그루의 다양한 파스텔톤 형형색색 아름다운 수국으로 수놓아 태종대를 …

How lucky am I !


덴마크에 우리 없는 동물원 생긴다(사진)

우리 없는 동물원이 만들어진다.<p>허핑턴포스트프랑스가 4일(현지시각) 보도한 아크데일리 기사에 따르면 덴마크에서는 동물이 갇혀 있다는 생각이 들지 않도록 우리를 자연적인 장벽으로 대체하는 프로젝트를 추진 중이다.<p>주토피아(Zootopia)로 불리는 이 프로젝트는 덴마크가 …

A drop of color on a snowy day in Lombardy, Italy. See more standout Traveler Photo Contest submissions: http://on.natgeo.com/1mMUb0l Photo by Beniamino Pisati

불을 켜지 않으면 밤잠을 이루지 못할 때

누구나 한두 가지는 두려워하는 것이 있다. 소문난 웅변가 데모스테네스는 계단을 두려워해서 손을 잡아야 내려갈 수 있었고 셰익스피어는 고양이를 두려워했다. 전장을 누비던 카이사르는 어둠 공포증을 갖고 있었다. 물론 ‘겁이 많은 편이에요.’라는 말로 넘길 수 있는 가벼운 …

Nostalgic For Lava Lamps? An Illustrated History Of Interior Design

Designers over at Harvey Water Softeners have created an illustrated guide to the evolution of interior design, covering everything from lava lamps in the ‘60s to the Memphis Group’s bold geometric shapes in the ‘80s to the Ikea flatpack takeover of the aughts.<p>The accompanying text is best left …

현재 문화역서울 284에서는 ‘공예가 맛있다’라는 주제로 ‘2014 공예플랫폼’이 열리고 있습니다 :) 올해 첫 번째로 열리는 이번 행사에는 실제로 전시장에 놓인 제품들을 만져보고, 구입 할 수 있도록 전시와 마켓의 형태를 결합한 것이 특징이라고 하는데요. 미술관 안에서 공예의 유통 활로를 모색하기 위해 기획된 본 전시를 http://bit.ly/VE5cfn 에서 미리 확인해보세요. :D

Happy2Help Live Bady

Happy2Help Live Bady

Vessel Kitchen by Studio Backs

San Francisco based design firm, Studio Backs, has come up with a new concept for kitchens. Inspired by the clean, minimal lines that come standard …

Articles about 7-summer-teak-products-we-love on Dwell.com - Dwell

Coffee can be dreadfully serious. Andrew Neyer’s Penguin Press decal invites everyone to lighten up.<p>Rugs don't just belong in cozy mountain lodges—as proven by a new summer collection from Brooklyn dealer Aelfie.<p>We like kicking the tires of smart objects we come across, and filming the results.<p>The …


Stitched Leaves by Hillary Fayle | Colossal

<p>I’m really enjoying these stitched leaved by artist Hillary Fayle who is currently working on a MFA in Craft/Material studies at the Virginia …

What We’ll All Look Like In 2060

Photographer Cyjo‘s “Mixed Blood” portraits make a frank, sweeping statement about the evolution of ethnic identity–and in particular, the melting-pot that is our families.<p>Taken from 2010 to 2013 in New York and Beijing, these photographs reveal how the average person is likely to look in the …

Artist Skewers People With Neon Bars

Artist Aakash Nihalani works often with black and neon tape, crafting faux-3-D geometric shapes. His “Landline” project, a performative art piece, shows what you can do with a little tape and a little perspective.<p>Landline creates the illusion of people being impaled with rods, though it’s less …

Zebra Michal Kulesza

Zebra Michal Kulesza

Zebra /Logo Proposal #3 simc

Zebra /Logo Proposal #3 simc

Blacklist by Lana Vee

Ben Young Sculpts Sheets of Glass Into Sculptures of the Ocean

Self-taught artist Ben Young creates stunning sculptures of ocean waves and watery landscapes by layering multiple sheets of hand-cut glass. Young, who also surfs and builds boats professionally, is inspired by his upbringing in New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Plenty. His affinity for the sea is …


Circular Affordable Housing Prototype

Inside the shell of the Oyster House prototype lies a new shape for affordable housing.<p>It was the grain of sand that became a pearl. CxMxD, a team of three New York City–based designers, hit upon the idea of a faceted circle while conceptualizing their entry for Add-on’13, an affordable-housing …


Marine Creature Inspired Lighting by Studio Avni

This ethereal collection of lighting comes from Studio Avni, who also created the Faceted Tactile Light Collection. The series echoes the …

Articles about 4 award winning small spaces on Dwell.com - Dwell

Dwell's June 2009 issue just landed on our desks and it looks great! We're excited for it to hit your mailboxes and newsstands in...<p>Our inaugural award for design innovation goes to a firm whose architectural orb is lean, green, and buoyant.<p>Small but mighty, these compact dwellings prove that …

Small Spaces

Articles about 6 tiny texas spaces on Dwell.com - Dwell

Put your corridors to work as storage, seating, or gallery space with these ideas.<p>Although she probably hasn’t told you, we’re pretty sure she has plenty of scarves already.<p>Matt Randall, founder and CEO of Twyla, has launched an online space where consumers are freed from the often "disappointing …

tea room

*월 램프 [ ferreol babin ] lunaire eclipse wall lamp_fontana arte

created french designer ferréol babin for italian light manufacturer fontana arte, ‘lunaire’ is a wall lamp with a surprising illumination effect, …

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