19 Desserts to Try Before Summer's Over

The best summer desserts are easy to make, light enough for hot days but also too enticing to resist at the end of a cookout. Some showcase summer fruit at its peak, others are packable for trips to the beach and many evoke nostalgia for summers past. Here are some of our favorite summertime desserts to try before the season's out.

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19 Desserts to Try Before Summer's Over
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    Mexican Sweet Corn Cake

    Mexican Sweet Corn Cake

    The panqué de elote found across markets like Mexico City’s Mercado de Coyoacán is somewhere between cake and cornbread, subtly sweet and velvety. It’s also a simple cake to make at home since it’s one layer and the batter—which includes fresh corn, condensed milk and yogurt—is made in the blender.

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