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The Stumble and Catch | Rides Through the East Side | Documenting Los Angeles #losangeles #la #eastlos #eastla #hipstamatic #documentary #everydayeastla

Prinzenstrasse in Berlin Photo by @streetberlin

My first book "Rage Against The Light" is now available for pre order from First 50 copies sold on T&G website will receive a FREE signed print. Book link is in my profile. There is a mini movie short of shooting in the street for the book at Book images shot with both analog and digital equipment. The introductory essay in Rage Against The Light is written by Sandy Edwards, curator and co-director of the highly respected Stills Gallery in Sydney. Edwards also works as an exhibiting artist/photographer and is the founder of ARTHERE, an organisation that provides services to photographers throughout Australia. The essay Baby, it’s cold outside was written by the book’s Editor, Andrew Gaynor. He is a freelance curator and writer based in Melbourne.

Una flor (para @g_e_mm_a & @ionecell ) Roma 28.08.2015

a dire wolf • 1968 _______________________________________ #bw #blackandwhite #wolves #streetphotography #storytelling #direwolves #toronto

Untitled • Toronto ________________________________________ #bw #tinycollective #tiny_collective #toronto


helen 'motorcycle'

The tree - Istanbul

The Bail Out | Walks Through the East Side | Documenting Los Angeles "What's the plan here?" I ask the skater holding the camera? "Is it to ollie over the hydrant?" I continue on when my first question was met with a stare but no answer. The skater doing the trick is in a conference with his buddy as to how best make the jump. They tell me the ground is too uneven. I encourage the one on. The skater holding the camera asks me, in a way telling me to shut up, "Can you do it?" "Nope" I answer. Now if he had asked me if I could Tic-tac I might have had a different answer for him. Conversation stopped as the rider approached for the trick, me and the skater with the camera crouch down at the same time. The skater bails on the trick but I get my shot and you get a story. I can't do all things but I can do some things. Hope you like what I can do. #losangeles #la #eastlos #eastla skaterordie #hipstamatic #documentary #everydayeastla

My neighbor - Istanbul

I asked different Iranian professionals the same question about 'The Iran Nuclear Deal' and how it will affect their personal lives and also the society in which they live. Please check out my feed to find their answers and more pics. Thanks @f64s125

#tinycollective #toronto

The Bail Out | Walks Through the East Side | Documenting Los Angeles #streetphotography #LosAngeles

No direction home.

Vespers _______________________________________ #tinycollective #tiny_collective #colour #toronto

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Eminönü - Istanbul

PreShow Prep #hermosabeach #youngdubliners #tiny_collective

Nô nem

Morning Light #utah #tiny_collective

Danny Brown + Clams Casino - Worth It

Danny Brown

Head over to @lensculture to see Tiny Collective photographer @dayzdandconfuzd David Ingraham masterful takeover of their IG feed!

Throwing shadows.

Landshapes - Stay

Micachu & The Shapes - Sad

the solid melts into air

Checking _______________________________________ #storytelling #streetphotography #vscocam #hikaricreative #fineart #iPhone #photography #colour #toronto

Youth Lagoon - The Knower (Official Audio)